War Diaries of 4th (Queen's Own) Hussars



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January 1946

CO: Lt Col AM Barne OBE

1-2/1/1946 Both days were holidays for almost everyone in the Regt, only duty Officers and skeleton staffs remaining on duty.
3/1/1946 All transport and wheeled vehicles left Tidworth in convoy. Staged for the night at Northampton.
5/1/1946 Notification received that Major FS Fryer and Major JJ O’Brien are awarded the Military Cross.
17/1/1946 The 2i/c, Major CML Clements MC left for UK for a course.
18/1/1946 Capt JM Strawson was attached to MMIA, ROME.
19/1/1946 At 2230 a check point of a White AC with a crew of one NCO and 4 men was surrounded by 6 Yugoslavs who informed the NCO that the post was in Yugoslav territory. The crew was taken to the Yugoslav HQ at SVINO, held for the night and released on the morning of the 20th.
22/1/1946 The following Officers were transferred from the X4 List and TOS this Regt:- Capt AA McGowen, Lt FC Heath, Lt JA Morrison, Lt NA Miscampbell, Lt JG Paterson and Lt P Kerven.
29/1/1946 Devaluation of the Lire from 400 to 900 to the pound Sterling.
The chief feature of January has been the extremely cold weather from 15th to 27th.The incident on 19th January was notable for the fact that the Yugoslavs treated our troops extremely well, and that the patrol returned next morning complete in every detail. The health of the Regt remains at a very high level.

February 1946

CO: Lt Col AM Barne OBE

2/2/1946 Lt RR Bourne rejoined the Regt from X4 List.
5/2/1946 Capt HVB Greenwood left the Regt to attend a course on Air Liaison in the UK.
9/2/1946 Capt LF Romney returned from a course in UK.
12/2/1946 Lt EJ Wells and Lt ET Knowles-Bolton joined the Regt from X4 List.
14/2/1946 Capt GAF Kennard joined the Regt from UK.
15/2/1946 Capt GAF Kennard promoted A/Major and assumes command of A Sqn. Capt RP Walmsley left the Regt for special duties in connection with the Greek elections.
16/2/1946 Major JJ O’Brien MC assumed command of HQ Sqn. The Regt was affiliated to 88th Recon Cav Tp (US Army).
18/2/1946 112 reinforcements joined the Regt from UK. All were in Age/Service group 50 or above.
19/2/1946 Major RSG Smith assumes command of the Regt.
20/2/1946 B & C Sqns were relived from their posts in the Morgan Line by a force from 56 (Lon) Div Artillery.
23/2/1946 The CO left the Regt for five days leave at CORTINA.
24/2/1946 Tpr F Pearcey, who joined the Regt on the 18th February, died on being admitted to hospital. The cause of death was diagnosed as Meningococal Septicaemia.
27/2/1946 Tpr DG Warr died whilst on guard duty. Cause of death was 3 GSW in head.
Note: The Regt was relieved of all duties in the Morgan Line on 20th February. This enabled the Regt to be concentrated once again in OPICINA barracks. Various local guard duties occupied NCOs and men. Training of individuals, maintenance of vehicles and education was therefore able to be carried out more thoroughly. The weather became milder as the month progressed. The health of the Regt remained good.


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