Desert Rats Memorial Tank Refurbishment






After over 25 years on the Plinth the memorial tank. "Little Audrey II" (a Cromwell Mk VI in the markings of 1st Bn The Royal Tank Regiment) was in need of a much needed refurbishment. So after careful consideration and selection of someone to do the work, she was removed on 17th October 2023 and will be returned in the Spring of 2024, in time for a rededication service and a special service to remember the move of the Desert Rats to their embarkation camps, in readiness for the Normandy Landings.




Here are some photographs and videos of the removal of Little Audrey



Preparations for the lift
Strops attached The lift
Landing on the transporter Ready to roll
Off Loading In the yard
Chatting over the tank A rather empty plinth



Lifting onto transporter

Being unloaded on her own tracks



Eastern Daily Press Article





The plan is to strip off the top coats of paint down to a good undercoat layer, the repair any corrosion and repaint the tank and restore her to how see would have looked in May 1944 when she left High Ash Camp for the Embarkation camp at Orwell Park School, before loading onto the Landing Ship Tank (LST) that would deliver her to Gold Beach, Normandy on 6th June 1944.



Here are some more photos of the refurbishment..


Grit Blasting in progress, inside and out.
After the Grit Blasting inside and out Some minor repairs needed!
Inside the workshop