The Desert Rats Museum

Thetford Forest  


Making sure our history is not a thing of the past



The museum is dedicated to telling the story of all those who have proudly worn the Jerboa on their arm since 1940 to the present day. 

Below are examples of the different designs of Jerboa Shoulder Flashes/Tactical Recognition Flashes over the years.

Shoulder Flash of 4th Armoured Brigade

Shoulder Flash of 7th Armoured Division

Shoulder Flash of 7th Armoured Brigade

Shoulder Flash of 4th Armoured Brigade

(1942 - 1948)

Shoulder Flash of 7th Armoured Division

(1938 - 1959)

Shoulder Flash of 7th Armoured Brigade 

(1942 - 1946)

Badge of 7th Armoured Brigade

Badge of 4th Mechanized Brigade

Badge of 7th Infantry Brigade

Badge of 4th Infantry Brigade


The museum is situated behind the Desert Rats Memorial, at High Ash, on the A1065 two miles north of Mundford, Norfolk, England.

Here are some photos of the museum and just a few of the displays.

There is a small cafe on site, with toilet facilities (including disabled) and picnic benches.



How to plan your visit


 The museum is now open most weekends, when the signs are displayed out by the tank memorial.


 Alternatively, please call either of the telephone numbers to book a visit:


 Chairman: Rod Scott: 01359 270490


 Manager: Paul Smith 07884 090557


 or email Rod Scott


The museum will also be open at all Association events at the memorial.


Entrance to the Museum is Fee, but donations towards its operation are most welcome.





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The History of the British 7th Armoured Division, plus the 4th and 7th Armoured Brigades, website

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