Shoulder Flash of the 7th Armoured Division. The Desert Rats.Virtual walk of the Shakers Wood and High Ash Camps. Forestry Commission Logo




Division Headquarters Information Point


Here are some picture of what is in around this point of the tour.

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Headquarters Information Plaque

View from Division HQ Information Point back to Start Point.  Click to proceed.

Headquarters Information Plaque

Memorial Bench to Les Dinning, founder of the Memorial Association and the Memorial itself

Memorial Bench to Les Dinning.

Into the woods and the Daily Routine Information Plaque Alternate way to the end of the first part of the walk and the Cromwell & REME Information Plaque

Way to Daily Routine Information Point.  Click to proceed.

Alternative way to end of Walk 1 and the Cromwell & REME information point.  Click to proceed.


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Walk onto the Daily Routine Information Point


Walk onto Cromwell and REME Information Point



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