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February 2016

The change over meeting for the management of the association and memorial was held on 18th February 2016, at 10 am, at 8 Thurston road, Beyton, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, IP30 9AE. As of this date the new Chairman is Major Simon Copley-Smith and the new Secretary is Captain Lee Davison. All other committee members remain the same. 

The Association would very much like to thank both Rod and Tina Scott for all their work in support of the Association, the Memorial and the Museum over the past 15 years. Rod Scott will continue to serve the Association as its Vice President. Information regarding the new organisation will be published as soon as possible after the meeting.

Association Committee.______________________________________________________________________



March 2016 


Chairman's Letter

I would like to take this opportunity to write to all the members of the Desert Rats Association as a way of introduction. Having just taken over the Chairmanship of the Desert Rats Association from Mr. Rodney W Scott. It is a great honour and privilege to be appointed and I hope I can at least emulate the great work and dedication that both Rod and Tina Scott have given over the last twenty years. They have allowed the Desert Rats Association to flourish, grow and honour the esteemed veterans.

My initial involvement dates back to 2006 when I was appointed as the Desert Rats Association Representative when I was working as the 7th Armoured Brigade, Brigade Electrical and Mechanical Engineer in the Headquarters. Since then I have attended a number of the Association Memorial Open Days, AGMs and a number of services in honour of the Desert Rats Association. I have also had the honour to become friends with many of the association members over the years. Hopefully with my military background that spans over three decades and my pride in the Desert Rats I can carry on the traditions with pride and a little panache.

I would also like to introduce Captain Lee Davison of the 7th Infantry Brigade as the new Military Secretary. He will be helping me to organise this year’s Memorial Open Day on 19th June 2016 at High Ash Thetford Forest. With any luck I hope to meet as many members and supporters of the association there.

Simon Copley-Smith



April 2016

The next Association meeting will be held on Tuesday 26th April 2016 at 11.00am in the Schoolroom, Forest headquarters, Santon Downham, Brandon, Suffolk. The School Room will be available from 10.00 hrs.

Lee Davison



Summer (July) 2016


THE DESERT RATS ASSOCIATION 1st Bi-Annual news-letter Summer 2016

Please find attached the first bi-annual news-letter for the association. It provides a quick update on what has happened over the last 12 months and a look forward to the future. There is also a brief history of the Desert Rats and the Memorial Mr. Les Dinning start all those years ago and evolved into the association as we know it. Because there has been a major changes to the committee for the association I felt it appropriate to provide you with biography of the current committee members. I hope you enjoy the news-letter and please pass to all those that helped that I have not got an email address for. We will also be looking for article writers for the next installment in the winter


Newsletters is shown here..




Simon Copley-Smith



Winter (December) 2016


HE DESERT RATS ASSOCIATION 2nd Bi-Annual news-letter Winter 2016

Dear Sirs, Ma’ams, Veterans and supporters of the ‘Desert Rats’ Association 

I apologise if there has been a little double tapping with regards to the distribution of this newsletter.
We are looking for volunteers to produce articles for the Summer addition in July 2017.
Hope you enjoy the read.
Once again many thanks to you all for your support.
Please pass on this email to all those involved (no need to reply).


Newsletter is shown here.



Simon Copley-Smith




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