Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance, 11th November 2017


With 2017 being the 75th Anniversary of the Second Battle of El Alamein, the Desert Rats Association, was asked by the BBC to assist in a short presentation for the Festival. Mr. Len Burritt, who served in Divisional HQ in the Royal Signals, from before the start of World War Two, kindly agreed to take part. He, along with Mr. Rodney Scott BEM were invited to attend as a guest of honour at the Festival and an invitation was also extended by the BBC, which resulted in our Treasurer and Historian Mr. Ian Paterson and his wife Julie also attending as guests of the BBC.

Below are some photographs of the Festival.

Some pictures from before the service

Ian and Julie Paterson The Standards assemble Standards and Massed Bands

Commemorating 100 years of service for Women Queen's Colour Squadron of the RAF Regiment Mr. Len Burritt, aged 99 (left) accompanied my Mr. Rodney Scot BEM and  Dr. William Franklin aged 105 (Right)

The Band of HM Royal Marines Portsmouth The Drums arrive for the Drumhead service
Emile Sande, singing 'Read all about it' The celebrants assemble All Gather round for the Service of Remembrance
Stands by the Drums, with the Book of Remembrance The Buglers or the Royal Marines ready for Sunset The Trumpeters arrive to play Reveille later.

The Poppies Fall Mr. Len Burritt during the Two Minute Silence Saluting the Royal Box and the 'Three Cheers'.

Everyone dispersing after the service. The Book of Remembrance with its Bearer Captain Peter Bryan, with Lieutenant Jared Bambridge to the right, after the end of the service. Down on the arena floor after the end of the service.
One last look before leaving A Poppy leaf from the service


Video by Mr. Len Burritt




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