Some pictures of Remembrance Sunday Service

Before the service Those social distanced by the memorial Chairman Lt-Col Copley-Smith with the RAF Lakenheath Honour Guard

Some vehicles on display by the memorial Assn Trumpeter Mr. Bill Wells and Mascot Dog Glen
Chairman Lt-Col Copley-Smith during his opening address Revd David Hanwell during the service The Last Post

While the Last Post is sounded The RAF Lakenheath Honour Guard
The RAF Lakenheath Honour Guard lay a wreath Mrs. Frances Dinning lays her wreath Lt-Col Copley-Smith salutes the Memorial, with Mrs. Dinning.
Association Secretary Mrs. Sue Park lays the Associations Wreath Mr. Rod Scott BEM lays a Wreath on behalf of the Trustees Mr. Roy Hill, (Medway RTR Assn) salutes after laying their wreath

Wreathes and Crosses by the memorial

Closer view of the Wreaths and Poppy Crosses

More pictures can be found on our Facebook page.


The Association would like to thank Breckland Council and Norfolk Constabulary for granting approval for the service to be held.

Live Stream Video of the Service




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