Formation Parade 7th Infantry Brigade and HQ East

On 30th July 2015 Veterans and Members of the Association attended the Parade to commemorate the Operational readiness of 7th Infantry Brigade and HQ East (The Desert Rats) who in the modern Army continue the heritage of the Desert Rats.

Below are some photographs from the event

Parade marches on led by the Band of the Royal Armoured Corps

More of the parade marching on. In this case 2nd Battalion (Poachers) The Royal Anglian Regiment with their 'Poacher' mascot

The Parade forms up

The Parade is ready and the RSM requests Brigadier Bourne to inspect it.

Brigadier Bourne inspects the parade

The Officers Salute during part of the parade.

Brigadier Bourne takes the Salute

Band marches past

A hollow square forms for the drum head service

Multi-faith Padres conduct the service

Two pictures of the 'Jerboa' made from parts of many different vehicles

Some on the displays manned by men from the Brigade

Static Displays

Jackal Recce Vehicle

Snipers section

Mortar and General Purpose Machine Gun

Javelin System

Foxhound Vehicle


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