War Diaries of G Battery (Mercer's Troop), Royal Horse Artillery



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January 1945

Commanding Officer: Captain W. H. H. Allen MC. RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
GUTTEKOVEN 1   Lt Kennedy to O.P. NIEUWSTADT Lt Collins to HOLTUM. Engaged mortars & enemy localities. Amm Exp 42 HE  
652696     Sgmn Rendall rejoined Bty from hospital  
  2   First U.K. leave party leaves. Bty allotment for Jan. 43 ORs 3 Officers. Amm exp 38 HE.  
      L/Bdr Grimshaw to U.K. on Veh/Mech course.  
  3   Lt. Rawson to HOLTUM   K Bty B.C. relieved BC at BORN.  
      E.M.E. began inspection of all Bty B vehicles.  
      Amm exp 128 HE.  
  4 1200 Bty pulled out of action for 5 days rest & maintenance.  
      Capt. Peal to UK on Senior Officers A veh. course.  
      Amm exp 3 HE.  
  5   Squad parades, classes & maintenance  
           Sgmn Falkingham returned to RHQ.  
  6   Same. Visit of D.L.I band  
           Dvr. Wilson to Div. School B veh course.  
Belgium & NE France 7   No change.  
100,000 Sheet 4. 8   Bty put back into action to cover DFs while K & CC fired fire plan in support of 2 Devons. Amm exp 24 HE  
    1630 Bty entertained some 70 children of GUTTEKOVEN between ages of 7-14. Bags of scoff, toys, guilders & entertainment. Part had the blessing of the local clergy.  
      Army pilots unit in attendance. Congratulations of C.O. to Sgt. Dryden & all organisers.  
  9 1100 BC to BORN. Capt Wilson to HOLTUM   Lt. Syborn to NIEUWSTADT. DFs fired on enemy movet . Amm. Exp 24HE  
         Gnr (Unit Clerk) Burgess joined Bty.  
  10   Amm Exp 60 HE 10 Smoke  
  11   Lt Collins to HOLTUM Lt  Kennedy to NIEUWSTADT.  
      HF on enemy movet & bridges. Also fired propaganda shells on enemy localities. Exp 238 HE.  
  12   No change. Amm. Exp 104 HE 10 Smoke  

       L/Bdr Meakin } evacuated sick.

       Dvr Parnell      }

  13 0500 Fired HF & concentrations for attack of 1/5 Queens on BAKENHOVEN. Attack successful.  
    1100 Lt Rawson to HOLTUM  Lt Wenham to NIEUWSTADT  
      Fired on mortars, HBs, working parties & HF. Amm 378 HE 10 Smoke  
  1800   Capt. Wilson to BORN to relieve B.C.  
            Lieut Cooke returned fro Survey Course in UK  
      Major J.G. Kell arrived to take over the Battery.  
      He was previously with 116 Fld Regt. R.A. in 59th Div.  

January 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
GUTTEKOVEN 14   No change. Engaged infantry, HB, and Mortars  
652696   1400 B.C. Confr R.H.Q for orders for Operation 'BLACKCOCK'  
    1750 BCs confr for all Officers. AMN. Expenditure 145 HE.  
  15   Capt Wilson RHA returned to Bty  
    1100 Lt Rawson to NIEUWSTADT with A Coy 1 RB. Capt Wilson to HOLTUM with 'I' Coy 1 RB.          
    1300 C.R.A. visited Bty to wish them 'good shooting' the forthcoming Op  
    1400 B.C. to HQ 1 RB at BORN. DFs prepared for Phase I of attack. H Hour changes from 2100 to 0700 hrs (16-1-44) at 1700 hrs.  
      Bty engaged infantry & mortar posns. Expenditure 62 HE.   Gnr Lloyd D.RT. evacuated sick  
  16 0700 Attack started. Patrols probing forward.  
    1300 B.C. and two B.C.s 6th Field Regt R.A. joined us & prepared to take over. Bty fired on D.Fs. Fire Programme for the attack and H.F. tacks. Amm expenditure 840 HE. Gnr Parnell rejoined unit.  
  17 0430 Two south bridges at 673737 & 675739 taken. Patrols probing on area north bridge 675745. Fired H.F. CB & on infantry and mortar posons.  
      Cement works at 677760 captured and own troops in northern half of SUSTEREN 686758. 1 R.T.R. pushed towards ECHT & SCHILBERG 6980 & 7180. Gnr Addison rejoined unit.  
  18 1500 ECHT & SCHILBERG captured. Relieved by 6th Field Regt R.A. Fired on infantry, H.B & mortar posons.  
  19 1000 Bty moved to 702778. 5 R.T.R. at 2 hrs notice.  
    1300 5 R.T.R stood down to 2359 hrs & from then on 2 hrs notice. Fired on infantry, S.Ps and mortars.  
  20 0900 5 R.T.R on 1 hour's notice from 1100 hrs. RA joined X.  
    1330 5 R.T.R moved off via BORN - to BUCHTEN 6475. Halted there. C Squdn under immediate notice. R.A. to Bty. Fired on infantry SPs & mortars.  
Belgium & NE France 21   No move. Many changes & plan discussed.  
100,000 Sheet 4.   1300-1600 Bty stonked four times. H - M2 - M4 suffered damage. Gnr Harry J wounded and evacuated.  
      Lt. Colonel C.A. Holliman D.S.O. M.C. cmd 5 R.T.R killed at Schilberg X-Rds by enemy H.F. Major MacDonald M.C. ( and A Sqdn) took over comd. Fired on infantry, S.Ps & mortars  
  22 1030 Bty moved to SUSTERN 685754. R.A. joined X.  
    1500 5 R.T.R moved to ECHT via HOLTUM - SUSTERN. Leaguered for the night. At 1 hrs notice from 230700. Fired on infantry, S.P.s & mortars. L/Bdr Meakin rejoined unit.  
  23 1400 No move. Bty moved to 713813.    R.A. with C Sqdn to 719814 in support of 2 Devons. Fired on SPs, and mortars.  
  24   First light. Capt Abbott R.A. relieved Lt Rawson R.H.A  
    0800 R.A. 734829  
    1030 X and RB to 734829.     RB with 'B' Sqdn to 742838.  R.A. with 'C' Sqdn to 746831.  
    1500 R.B. to 743847 & RA to 757828. Steady progress made. X with 5 R.T.R HQ to 742829 in dugouts (25-30 degrees of frost!) D.F.s laid on.  
      Lt Colonel A.R. Leakey M.C. joined in comd 5 R.T.R  Fired on infantry, SPs & Mortars.  
  25 1100 2 Devons patrolled forward to clear woods in area 7584 and 7784. R.A. to 765836 & R.B. to 743847. RA sleeping in open but managed to remain 'unfrozen'  
  26 0800 Lt Rawson RHA relieved Capt Abbott R.A.   R.A. returned to X.  
    1400 5 R.T.R HQ to 745829 (into the remains of what was once a cottage.)  
    1630 R.B. to 761845     R.A. to 746831. All final objectives taken.   
      Last light RB to 743847. Fired on infantry & mortars. Veh/Mech Hopkins to R.H.Q. Dvr/Mech Farnell joined unit.  
  27   First light RA to 748831. RB. to 762845.  
    1300 Attack started on St ODILENBERG 7884. 5 R.T.R in support of 6 Commando Group in area on 7685 & 7785 covering  North-West.  
Belgium & NE France     X & C.O. 5 RTR to 764846 - 769848 - 772850. Received some shelling & mortars. Put Bty Concs on enemy infantry posons  
100,000 Sheet 4.   1530 Returned to HQ. Last light RB to 743847 & RA 746831.  
  28   First light RA to 761845 with Recce Sqdn  
    1200 RA returned to X & then joined RB at 743847.   
    1330 5 R.T.R moved to MAASBRACHT 710845. Settled in.  
  29   No change. Capt Abbott RA relieved Capt Wilson RHA who would proceed on U.K. leave.   Bath parties and general maintenance. Fired on infantry and HBs.  
  30-31   Sundry small operations. Op proceeded with Recce & A Sqn in area 751841.    
      AMN Limited to 20 r.p.g.             Bty settles in to billets as far as possible.  
      Fired on infantry movement,  
      AMN  Expenditure 17th to 31st  - 6550 HE.  
      Dvr Kempson J. rejoined unit. Dvr/OP Hiscoe. A. joined unit.  


February 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
St Joost 7181 1   No change. Fired on infantry and Mortars. AMN Expenditure 34 HE.  
Belgium & NE France 2   No change. Register one new target. One RAM to LAD. Expenditure 8 HE. 1 Smoke.  
100,000 Sheet 4. 3   Fired two Mike Tgts for RHQ. 1 RAM to LAD. Expenditure 24 HE.  
. 4   Fired one Victor Tgt. 1 RAM to LAD. Ram state now five.  
      Received one new motorcycle. Gnr Siblito & Gnr Maskell evacuated sick.  
      Gnr Gilmore rejoined unit. AMN Expenditure 9 HE  
  5&6   RB broke an idler, X3 split a sprocket. OP operated in TLB (½ track). Fired Harassing for K Bty from 1110 to 1130 hrs.  
      Amn Expenditure 107 HE. Gnr Burnikell evacuated sick.  
  7 1030 A Tp pulled out for calibration  
    1200 B Tp pulled out for calibration. Calibration by photo-electric cell and measurement.  
      Fired on enemy inf locality.  
      Amn Expenditure 10 HE (excluding calibration). Lt Rawson RHA to U.K. for Fighter Command Controller School.  
St Joost 7181 8 1030 A Tp moved to 717812. CP moved to better billet. Fired Uncle Tgt on enemy MT.  
      2 Rams back from LAD and both tanks now mobile. 1 Ram to workshops.  
      B.S.M. Lungley to U.K. on AIG Course. Amn Expenditure 35 HE.  
  9   Capt Allen MC RHA on recce of new area at KINROY 6084.  
      B.C. spoke to all troops on future Ops. Received tasks for Operation GRENADE.  
      160 rds HE per gun dumped on position. Fired on inf posons and enemy MT movement.  
      Expenditure  82 HE.  
  10   Op. GRENADE postponed for 24 hrs. G.O.C. spoke to troops down to rank of Bdr on Operation BLACKCOCK in which he said best work the DIVISION had done.  
      Fired on Infantry posons. Amn expenditure 46 HE. Capt Peel RHA returned from course.  
  11   Op GRENADE postpones indefinitely owning to the speed and height of the river ROER.  
      Fired three Uncle Tgts on enemy posons and movement.  
    1700 Capt Peel RHA joined 6 Commando at 749840 to give fire support for night patrol.  
      Fired during the night for 6 Commando on pre-arranged targets.  
      AMN Expenditure 154 HE.  
  12   Capt Allen M.C. RHA to KINROY for billeting. Capt Abbott RA & Gnr Cox detached.  
      Fired Mike tgt on enemy movement.  
      Amn expenditure 20 HE.  
  13   Capt Peel RHA returned to Bty. Lt Syborn RHA out as OP for K Bty.  
      Fired on infantry poson and movement.  
      Amn expenditure 32 HE.  
  14   C.O. visited Bty in the morning. Lt Syborn RHA returned to Bty. Gnr Archer evacuated sick.  
      Fired two MIKE tgts. Expenditure 24 HE.  
  15   All rams back in action. Capt Wilson RHA returned from U.K. leave.  
      Fired Uncle Tgt on enemy location.  
      Amn expenditure 10 HE. RB to workshops with burnt out clutch.  
  16 0930 X3 to LAD with broken sprocket. TLB to OP - CPO recced defense poson at DIETEREN 6777.  
    1330 DIVISION now under command 16 U.S. Corps.       A Tp to 714824 for Course Shooting.  
      BC gave instruction to Tank Comds of 5 RTR. CPO recced second defense poson at BORN 6472.  
    1630 A Tp returned to normal poson. B Tp to 714825 for night harassing fire. Amn expenditure 130 HE.  
  17   Typhus inoculations began. Capt Allen M.C. RHA and Lt Kennedy RHA to RHQ for audit.  
      CPO recced two alternative posons at N end of St Joost. Fired MIKE tgt on enemy inf. Expenditure 17 HE.  
  18 1000 BCs lecture to Troops on the subject of the Black Market on the Continent.   
      Fired on enemy OP and 88mm. Expenditure 32 HE.  
  19   Fired on inf locations. Orders received to move to KINROY  
      Exp. 28 HE. Dvr/Mech Clark R.C.S. attached. L/Bdr Stacey to hospital.  
      During this period OPs were maintained at MAASBRACHT and at 751841.  
  20 1020 Moved off. Route St Joost  7181 - X rds SUSTEREN 680757 - MASEYCK 6379 - KINROY 6084.  
      Settle in and mounted Bty Guard. Received new Cromwell as RA. Dvr Clarke F. & Gnr Davies R, joined unit.  
KINROY 20-28   Bty engaged on maintenance and painting. Signals course was run at RHQ and programmes for training were prepared for period after completion of painting and inspections.  
6084 22 0900 Parade for GOC. Lecture to Bty on Operation BLACKCOCK.  
      L/Sgt Taylor and L/Bdr Grimshaw returned from U.K. Course.  
      Gnr Allish from hospital to unit.  
  23   Sgmn Duckham R.C.S. evacuated to hospital. Gnr Coombs interposted from RHQ.  
  24   Bdr Underwood to hospital.  
  25   Received new Dingo as X2.  
  26   B.C. & Capt Peel RHA attended cloth model exercise run by 22 Armd Bde at BREE 5084.  
      Field Marshal Sir Bernard Montgomery K.C.B. D.S.O. visited he exercise and spoke to the officers present on present operations.  
      Received new Cromwell for RB.  
  28   Officers day at RHQ. Discussed village clearance and flame-throwers.  
      Dvr Pannell & Gnr Whall evacuated sick.  


March 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
KINROY 1-2   Maintenance & painting. Recreational Training. Instruction by two N.C.Os from 5 R.T.R. on Op personnel on the 75mm & BESA.  
6084     Dvr/Mech Spring to U.K. on Rolls Royce Mce Course. Gnr Maskill rejoined.  
  3   M.T. Inspection by B.C. Firing Practice at Rommel Range for OP Tanks. All personnel of R.B. has practise firing 48rds 75mm.  
      Dvr/Mech Fisher on Dvr/Mechs Course at Div School.  
  4 1400 T.Cs Confce on Training. Rehearsal for C.in.C Presentation Parade at Weert (5897)  
  5 0930 Presentation Parade at Weert (1 officer & 5 OR.s attending)  
      Major. J.R. Kynaston M.C. R.H.A received the D.S.O.   
    1030 All other parades cancelled, trucks packed. Advance party under Capt Peel R.H.A. to Louvain.  
    1200 Proposed move to Louvain area cancelled. Second avance party to be ready at 1400 hrs to go to area HELDEN (7804).  
      Bty pantomime produced by Lt Collins R.H.A. was presented with great success  
  6 0830 Advance party under Capt Wilson R.H.A. to Rd HELDEN 7804.  
    0950 Regt moved via ITTERVOORT (6687) - HAELEN (7594) - HELDEN   
      G Bty area in EGHEL 7803. Area muddy, & dirty and billets very poor & smelly. Gnr O'Donnell on cooks course at Div. School.  
HELDEN 7   Specialists upgrading course began. Maintenance. Capt Allen M.C. R.H.A. to U.K. on leave.  
7804     L/Sgt Stokoe & Veh/Mech Ibbotson to 31 RHU for courses in U.K.  
  8   No change. Officers day at R.H.Q. (Discussed 1. Our duties when in Germany. 2. The Command Net 3. M.V. & U Tgt procedure)  
      Gnrs Lloyd, Langley & Harry rejoined.  
  9  }   Potential N.C.O.s Cadre Class started. Parades & Inspections.  
  10}   Traffic accident. Bty 3-tonner being caught by the side of a Tank Transporter  
  11}   Gnr Roach & Dvr Packman killed - L/Bdr Chapman & Gnr Dellar injured & evacuated  
  12-14   Classes & Mce . Lt Rawson R.H.A. returned to unit. Dvr Alcock to U.K. on course  
  15-16   Wireless exercise at Regtl level. Classes and maintenance.  
      Gnr McNally evacuated sick. Gnr Chiddicks rejoins  
  17   B.C. & C.P.O. on recces in Germany for Bty area to support attack across river Rhine. Area recced 1436.  
      Strict camouflage and track plans. no digging until orders given. Dvr/Ops Green. R. and Etheridge inter-posted to unit.  
      Lt Rawson R.H.A. to 21 Army Gp H.Q. going to 2 T.A.F.  
  18   Amn dumping parties to new area. Capt Allen M.C. RHA returned from leave (just in time!!)  
      Dvr/Mech Collier joined unit.  
      L/Bdr Wilson returned from course.  
  19   G.O.C's lecture to all Field Officers & above at HEEZE 4812.  
      Subject - allocation of British Occupied Territory in German and a general talk on British policy as to behaviour, conduct and recreation.  
  21   Lt Liverman R.H.A. & BSM to 034305 to Recce A1 Ech. area, no soft vehicles being allowed in forward area.  
      Gnr Elliott and Brett evacuated sick.  
  22 1300 Packing and Mce . Advance party (C.P.O & B.S.M.) to new area.  
    1710 Bty formed up.  
    1730 Regt moved off, Router S.P. 775049 - MAASBREE 8208 - SEVENUM 8184 - HORST 8318 -GRUBBENVORST 8919 - LOTTEM Bde 913188 - WALBECK 9622 - GELDERN 0125 - SONSBRECK 0535 - 143367.  
      The Bty crossed the German border at 2130 hrs!    Each vehicle guided into it allotted place singly - camouflaged & all tracks obliterated.  
      An excellent march with no interference from the enemy.  
  23 0730 C.P.O. to RHQ for fire plan. Afternoon spent in preparing Barrage Tables & Gun programmes. sorting of Amn.  
143367   1700 Capt Peel R.H.A. moved to O.P. on Regtl net with orders to control the barrage if necessary & pass infm as to progress of troops making the assault crossings.  
      O.P, at 185404 a small farm house 100x from the bank of the Rhine at the exact point where the crossing was to be made.  
      Slit trenches were ordered to be dug, under cover of the vast smoke screen with covered the whole area.  
    1800 R.A.F. Bomber Command attacked WESEL as a softener in strength, the enemy putting up a strong A/A defence.  
    2115 Second attack in strength by RAF, in full view of the Bty (a wonderful sight), the A/A gradually decreasing until only one gun remained in action!  
    2150-2210 No bomber seen to be hit. Barrage fired- After barrage, concs on call.  
    2210 No 1 Commando Bde, whom Regt was supporting crossed the river. Barrage & crossed reported going well by Capt Peal  
  24 0130 With enemy not sending muck back, No 1 Commando Bde reported in WESEL in strength - mopping up. All had gone well  
      Amn expenditure 1664 H.E.  
    0930 Continued firing concs during the early morning. Fired anti-flak programme using the new 'Pete' fuzes in support of 6th Airborne Division's landing.  
    1000 First Paratroops came in to land - doing well, but a few Dakotas returned on fire & crashed around the Bty area.  
      No firing order given at 0959 hrs.  
      The complete landing took 1½  hrs, the Bty having front view seats.  
    1800 B.C.s confce RHQ re coming break out after crossing Rhine.  
      Amn expenditure 196 HE. 433 "Peter" fuze. 6 Super.  
      Cpl Monger. Pte Hancocks attached to 105 C.R.C. on cook's course.  
      During night fired on enemy movement East of WESEL. Amn expenditure 96 HE.  
  25 0900 B.C.s Confce to Officers. No Move to-day. Fired on hostile Bty.  
    1600 Capt Peel RHA, Capt Wilson RHA and X tank to 5 R.T.R.  
      Amn Expenditure 14 HE 14 Super.  
      During evening slight enemy aerial activity.  
  26 0730 Recce party to area 2147, across Rhine. H truck with C.P.O and GPOs crossed Rhine at 0750. Surveyed Troop poson at 213473 by crashed gliders.  
      Recce party waited for Bty but Regt did not cross.  
      L/Bdr Golding & Bdr Stanier evacuated to hospital. Amn expenditure NIL.  
  27 0900 H to 306489.  
    1230 Bty crossed Rhine & leaguered with H waiting to join in 5 RTR column.  
      5 RTR arrived. Bty into action at 306489. 5 RTR  + OPs at BRUNEN 2748 - met some arty trouble from the Hun. Bty laid out DFs.  
      Evening spent in sorting out, preparatory to breaking out.  
      Expenditure 24 HE  
306489 28   CL BRUNEN 2748, then by tracks to fork road 316533 to X rds 338550 - BORKEN 3961. 5 R.T.R. pushing on, good progress made & much mopping up. RA at 280532. RB at 389506 X at 315534.  
    0600 Bty moves to 306479 fired on SPs & mortars.  
    1330 Leap-frogged B Tp to 346520, A Tp following up. RA at 303554 RB 343567.  
      More firing on SPs. DFs laid in for the night. Amn expenditure 821 HE.  
  29 0630 Recce parties to 394602. X and OPs to join 8 Hussars.  
    0700 Relieved by 3 RHA. Bty moved to 394602. Fired concs & stonks on SPs, Tanks and Inf. 3 SPs found abandoned 2 Tanks K.O'd.  
      Task for 8 Hussars Group was to guard left flank of Div.  
      New C.L. Borken 3961 - Borkenwirth (3565) - Gross BEURLO 6468 - ODINE 3671. X and RB in area Borkenwirth at 353656.  
    1800 Bty moved to 393643. DFs laid in, Amn expenditure 397 HE  
393643 30 0700 B Tp to392675. Fired P targets on inf with bazookas and SPs.  
    1000 A Tp to B Tp area. X at 349676 RA 357677 RB 346688. Slow progress owing to bad going and bazookas. An unpleasant day all round.  
    1800 Fired fire plan on bazooka area supported by 3 RHA. Steady progress against slight opposition.  
      Last light X at 349676, RA 357682, RB 346688. DFs laid in. Amn Exp 1258 HE.  
  31 0700 Bty moved to 434769. 8 Hussars joining 131Bde  
    0930 X and OPs to join 5 DGs. Bty joined up with K Bty and move along CL. - Borken 3691 - Gemen 4063 - WESEKE 3968 - SUDLOHN 4872 - STADTLOHN 4477 - VREDEN 3782 - AHAUS 5086 - HEEK 5791 METELEN 6494 - RHEINE 8009.  
    1200 Pulled in to action at 446820  
    1400 Moved up to 481852. X at 480827. RA at 478857. RB 481857. Fired concs on inf and SPs.  
      C.R.A. felt guns to near his HQ & ordered them to move away to west.  
481852   2100 Unit comds confce. 1 RTR. 5 DGs 9 Devons 2 DLI & G Bty swanning at 2300 hrs to try to get to RHEINE.  
      Formed up in track, but stayed all night owing to darkness & bazooka reports.  
      Amn. expenditure 122 HE.  


April 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
481852 1 0730 Swan finally started. Proceeded well & with opposition to 599919 where halted, Further objective given - HAMBURG !!  
      Orders again changed after preparing new C.L. and all and swan continued as before   
    1330 Bty into action at 747048 (Ram state 5!0 RB at 756068 X & RA at NEUENKIRCHEN (753054). Fired C.B. & concs to assist clearing RHEINE.  
    1800 Bty to 761065. Last light - X at 755059 RA 795070. RB at 755059.  
    2000 CRA visited Bty, now under 3 RHA group for operation. Out of touch with rest of Regt.  
      Amn exp. 105 HE. Dvr Bowers rejoined unit.  
  2   New orders. G Bty in support if 8 Hussars, taking left C.L. in new swan. 53 Div taking over final assault on RHEINE.  
    1100 Bty moved to 7505 to leaguer & wait for 8 Hussars.  
892046   1230 Recce parties to wood at 892046. Route NEUENKIRCHEN  7505 - MESUM 8403 - ELTE 8505. Bty moved up & leaguered in wood. Bty into action at 907061. Remained night.  
      Some bombing & strafing. No firing. X & OPS remained in NEUENKIRCHEN. Amn exp. NIL.  
  3 1200 Orders changed. 8 Hussars revert to 22 Armd Bde. Remainder of Regt arrived. Back under command once again.  
      X & OPs joined Bty. Fire Mike targets at enemy inf & SPs. Amn. exp, 452 HE.  
  4 1000 Now to support 5 R.T.R. During morning fired Mike targets on inf & SPs. Bty moved to 970047 & joining 5 RTR column. (tiffin spoilt!!)  
      Regtl Group - 5 RTR I Coy 1 RB G Bty. Started swan.  
      CL 970047 - BROCHTERBECK 0003 - TECKOENBURG 0502 - LOTTE 1208 = WERSEN 1412 - HALEN 1415 - WALLENHORST 1917 - ENGTER 2221 -  leaguered night at NENNE 2921  
      Good progress. No opposition. Amn exp 368 HE  
2921 5 0545 Resumed swan, NENNE - bridge 324206 - HUNTERBERG 3626 - STEMSHORN 4228 - LAMBRUCH 4336 - DIEPHOLZ 4245.  
    1200 Good progress. Bty into action at 432323 against anti-tank guns. Result of concs 3 x 88mm K.O'd 1 x 88mm and 1 x 50m 1 x gun tower and 2 M/C captured.  
    1400 After reports that GAF was "caput", the Luftwaffe came up in some strength.  
      Continuous bombing & strafing of the column & gun position for 3 hours. Please consisted of 8 x ME109 1 DO jet propelled and 3 x fighter jet-propelled. No RAF and no ack-ack (the latter escorting POW miles back).  
      Most unpleasant particularly when the G.O.C. decided to come up with the Brigadier & CRA and "entourage".  
      GAF bag 1 x ME 109 claimed by B Tp. 2 ME 109 clamed by I Coy 1 RB and 1 x ME109 claimed by 5 R.T.R.   GAF bag 1 bullet hole through G.O.C's A.D.Cs' beret !! and shell splinter in back of Sgt Spence. Latter to R.A.P and back again.  
      RA at 513392. RB at 428438 X at 412418.  
    1900 Bty moved up to 436380. Laid out on  DFs Amn ex 121 HE. Gnr Whincup joined Bty  
436380 6 0430 1 RB attacked DIEPHOLZ, entered it & mopped up.  
    0700 Bty moved off and joined column. C.L. DIEPHOLZ - SOLINGEN 7255  
    1030 A Tp in action at 339464.  
    1230 B To at 473466. Fired on SPs & Inf. Resumed march.  
    1600 Bty into action at 675505. Fired on SPs  
    1900 Bty moved to 702525  
    2000 Fired smoke screen to screen tanks from A/Tk guns.   
      X at 705561 RA 704565 RB725565  
      Amn Exp, 116 HE   68 Smoke. Lt Collins RHA to U.K. on leave. Gnr Jack evacuated sick. Dvr Clarke rejoined unit.  
702525 7 0930 First light RA to 729578. Bty moved to 739578. X at 783603. RA 733607. RB 694607.  
      Did some maintenance at last.  
    1500 Orders to join 5 R.T.R. column to move to BREMEN. No C.L. given  
    1700 Bty into action at 865654. A Tp on 360º B Tp on 90º. Orders changed Bty moved to 842701.  
      OPs in area VILSEN 8470. [Ended day with 1 Ram on the edge of a precipice. 2 off the road and 1 2 ton Petrol vehicle smashed up. A poor day!]  
      Amn exp. 68 HE.  
842701 8 0510 Moved off in column to 765756 into action. Fired on inf. and SPs. Bty moved up to 747784 firing on village of SYKE 7280. X and O.P.s in area of STENKE 7378/  
    1430 Bty to 735825. Tanks held up at wood area 7185 in BARRIEN 7383. Group swinging to DELMENHORST 6095.  
      X and O.P.s in BARRIEN 7383. Fired in inf & S.P.s dug in in wood.  
      Lt Liverman with 11 Hussars to 715797 engaging mobile inf and tanks. 1 Ram returned from the  precipice, making Ram state up to 6.  
    1800 Attack on wood initiated by I Coy 1 RB supported by C Sqn 5 RTR and G Bty.  
      A complex plan was worked out, but the wood the fanatical type of SS Troops who had been excellently trained & held their fire until the last possible moment.  
      I Coy suffered heavy casualties , including one officer and the attack was unsuccessful.  
      Now waiting for 2 Devon to come & help. CC Bty also on the way to give added weight.  
      Tks & 1 RB withdrew to S. edge of wood. Bty laid out on DFs. Amn exp. 418 HE  
735825 9   Morning spent in confce & fire plans for attack on wood.  
    1300 Counter-attack started at SYKE from the west by 100 inf supported by 2 Tigers & S.P.s.  
      Object to cut C.L. in our rear. The succeeded in getting to with in 200x of the Bn H.Q. 1 RB where Brigadier 22 Armd Bde was having a confce.  
      "A" Tp  tracked 180º and managed to keep attack under control until A Sqn 5 RTR arrived from Barrien area to deal with it. "B" Tp got round quickly when it was realised that the attack was in strength.  
      Good shooting of the guns was done by the A.O.P, the A/TK Bty Comd & Capt Peal whose OPs was at 734834.  
      The attacked was eventually seen off at 1425 hrs. 1 Tiger was KO'd and the remainder withdrew NW.  
      Obviously were up against the outer defense ring of Bremen  
    1600 Bty moved to 759798, as semi regimental poson with CC Bty. I Coy & 1 sqn 5 RTR in SYKE.  
      DFs laid in for the area. Amn exp. 368 H.E.  
759798 10 0700 Recce part to area 771867 X and OPs with 1 RB to BARRIEN 7383. Very misty & Bty did not move until 1130.  
      Masses of DFs prepared mainly for K Bty. Fired Mike Tgts on enemy movement.  
      Cleaning up and mtce. Amn exp 124 HE. Gnr Holroyd evacuated to hospital.  
  11 0800 Regtl Recce party to Div. Conc. area at BORSTEL 8552.  
      By remained in action at 771867 until last light, when the moved to 759798 to cover 1 RB during change over & relief by 51 (L) Div.  
      Amn exp. 66 HE.  
759798 12 0900 Bty moved with X and OPs to BORSTEL. Settled in  
    1400 Mce & cleaning up. Bty Capt on recce to new conc area NIENBURG 0058. L/Sgt Stokoe rejoined from course.  
  13 1130 Bty moved in Regtl column across river WESER to NIENBURG.  
  14   At 2 hours notice from 1000 hrs. Marine Division from Bremen holding up on CL.  
    1600 No move before 0900 hrs tomorrow.  
      CL RETHEM 1066 - WALSRODE 2475 - FALLINGBOSTEL 3276 - DORFMARK 3680 - SCHNEVER-DINGEN 3704 - TOSTEDT 3122 - AUTOBAHN 316310 - 431330 - HARBURG 4942  
  15 1030 Regtl column moved off to 145690 waiting to t?? in. Some shelling in area. Bty ordered in action.   
    1500 Fired  on Mike Target on C.B. task. Bty moved to 175717  
    1830 RA with 8 Hussars to 226738. Recce to 229741.  
    1900 Bty moved off. Bad tracks, but rams & ½ tracks through OK. Soft trucks & A1 Ech stuck all night.  
      Laid out on DFs. Amn. exp. 56 HE.  
      Gnr Morgan evacuated sick. Dvr Alcock and Veh/Mech Ibbotson rejoined from course.  
  16 0530 Soft trucks arrived.  
    0630 Bty to 275764. Fired Mike Tgts on FALLINGBESTEL   
    1330 RA at 350770. Bty moved to 320743. Fired on S.P.s & inf. RA returned to Bty for the night.  
Germany 100,000     Amn. exp. 88HE. 8 Hussars liberated the POW camp near Fallingbostel containing 11000 PW including 6000 British.  
Sheet L4     BC. went to early with as much chocolate & as many cigarettes & newspapers as possible. A tragic but never-to-be-forgotten experience.  
320745 17 0630 Lt Liverman RHA to RHQ as IO. Bty moved to 356887  
      RB with 2 Devons at 314840. Fired on enemy inf. 1 RTR pushing on towards Schnever-Dingen at great speed.  
    1730 Bty moved via very bad tracks to SCHULERN 366008  
      RA remained behind with 1 RB at  ELLINGEN 3793. X at Schnever-Dingen 3704 with 1/5 Queens. RB at SCHULERN with 2 Devons,  
      Amn exp. 80 HE. Gnr Brook & Goldthorpe joined unit. Dvr Clarke rejoined.  
  18 0630 Bty moved to 362079. No Firing.  
    1130 Bty moved to 373119. X & RB with 1 RB at 347120  
      RA with 2 Devons at 357078. Amn exp. NIL  
      Gnr Jack rejoined.  
373119 19 0830 Bty moved to 373272. RB with 1/5 Queens at 311312 X & RA at 3082318 preparing attack on HOLLENSTEDT 3132  
    1330 Bty fire plan, attacked successful. Bty moved to 347322. Fire plan prepared for attack by 1 RTR & 2 Devons for 0600 hrs to-morrow  
      Amn exp. 520 HE.  
347322 20 0600 Fired Fire Plan. X & OPs with 1/5 Queens at WENNERSTORF 3631.  
    1300 Bty moved along autobahn to NENNDORF 436355. RB to BC of CC Bty ay TOTENSEN 4536. RA with 1/5 Queens at LEVERSEN 4436. X with 1 RB at REDE 3734.  
      Large number of DFs prepared & HF tasks for the night. Fired on 105mm & 88mm, Amn Exp 300 HE.  
  21 1800 Relieved by 3rd RHA. Going to support 5 DGs in attack on Buxtehade 2993  
      Moved via NENNDORF 4434 - autobahn 432329 - HOLLENSTEDT 3132 - leaguered at 299337 out of action. X & OPs with 5 DG's at 282358.  
      Amn Exp 40 HE.  
299337  22   CL GOLDBECH 2636 0 NINDORF 2737 - BUXTEHUDE 2943.  
    0800 Bty moved to 279392 into action. Prepared fire plan for attack at 0930 hrs.  
      Whole morning taken up with discussions with the German admiral comd Naval Barracks in the town for unconditional surrender.  
      Town surrendered at 1300 hrs PW bag consists of approx 500 troops and 500 WRENS!!!  
      Good beer in the barracks. RA's OP at 264446 - an excellent one built by the Hun. Capt Peal RHA fired on a 10,000 ton merchant ship and a cruiser in the Elbe. The former scuttled herself!! and six hits were scored on the latter.  
BUXTEHUDE   1900 Bty moved back to NINDORF. Laid out on DFs  
2943     Amn Exp 56 HE.  
  23 0550 Bty moved to 307429. Fired on shipping, inf with bazooka. RA at 264446 X and RB at 256397 APPENSEN. Amn limited to 28 rds per gun.  
    1000 B Tp with 1 Sqn 5 DG went on a patrol against inf. Lt Collins RHA returned from UK leave.  
      1 Ram per Troop out of action for maintenance. Major J.R. Kynaston D.S.O. M.C. RHA left the Regt for posting in UK - a great loss.  
      Lt Col K.R. Farquhar RHA joined Regt from 13 RHA, 11 Armd Div. Amn Ex 288 HE  
  24   RB at 264446. No change. 5 PW captured by Bty. Amn Exp 8 HE.  
  25 1500 RA at 236436. Lt Wenham RHA in dingo to 11 Hussars in area S. of HOLLENBECH. Fired on inf.  
    1700 Bty moved to APPENSEN 264402. No DFs & Officers mess set up! Amn Exp. 8 HE.  
      Gnr Elliott rejoined from hospital.  
BUXTEHUDE 26   Mce & cleaning. Amn Exp - NIL. Preparations & confce on future plan for the Div.  
      Likely to follow CL of 11 Armd Div & stop-gap Hamburg from the N.W.  
  27   Lt Syborn RHA with RA dingo at 200368. Capt Peel RHA at 263445.  
      Fired on inf with bazooka. Amn Exp. 24 HE  
      DFs laid on for 11 Hussars.   Signalman Hughes RCS attached to unit.  
  28   Lt Syborn RHA at 209371 with 11 Hussars. No Firing  
  29   Capt Wilson RHA with 5 DGs at NEUKLOSTER 265445. Lt Kennedy RHA with 11 Hussars at KAKERBECK 128381.  
      No of PW taken from HORNEBURG & parleys started for surrender of Horneburg.  
    1600 No surrender. Fired small fire plan into Horneburg as a remainder. Amn Exp. 146 HE.  
  30   GOC visited Bty & address all ranks on future OPs and non-fraternisation.  
      PT classes started again!  


May 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
APPENSEN 1   No change. Visited by C.R.A. & given short address on the subject of concentration camps. Confce at RHQ  
261402     First "parleys" on the subject of the surrender of Hamburg. It seems likely.  
Germany 100,000     If so 5 DG - 5 RHA - 1 RB (less 1 Coy) to will occupy Harburg.  
Sheet L4     Remainder of 22 Armd Bde plus 131 Bde will occupy Hamburg  
  2   No change.   
  3   Hamburg & Harburg unconditionally surrendered.  
      Ready to move from 1100 hrs  
    1630 Bty moved off via Buxtenhude 2943 - FISHBECK 3944 - autobahan - HARBURG 4942.  
      Guns laid out for action. Patrolling area & searching houses for arms etc.  
      Plenty of PQ coming in.    Lt Syborn RHA to UK on leave.  
  4 1630 More prisoners come in. Bty moved across Elbe via Hamburg & Kiel autobahn to 382643. Into action. No firing.  
      Received incredible news that German forces facing  21 Army Group will lay down their arms to-morrow.  
      Some units quickly disposing of all verey lights & smoke bombs!! A wonderful impromptu celebration.  
      Cpl Gill to hospital. Hamburg must be seen to be believed - completely & utterly destroyed.  
382643 5   No change. BBC announce that 7 Armd Div are occupying Denmark - what fun!!  
  6   No change.  Sgt Dryden to hospital,  
Germany 100,000 7 1430 Bde moving at 1400 hrs. Bty moved off via Itezehoe 1793 - Gokels 1314. Settled in.  
Sheet K4     BC for orders at 2100 hrs. Liable to be here for sometime.  
Gokels 8   VE day announced. Bty allotted a fairly large area to administer. This entails collection of straggling Wehrmacht, searching fir arms, guarding of VPs & administration of civil population.  
1314     Gnr Goldthorpe and Gnr Perry to hospitable. In the evening the Bty celebrated. The bonfire seemed a great success.  
  9-11   Mce & cleaning. Dvr Pettit & Gnr Jack to hospital.  
  12   B.C.s muster parade to read out messages of congratulations. Job of administrating the Bty area explained to all ranks.  
      20 men detailed for special guard at H.Q.R.A. 10 men for Bty Guard and 12 men for picket. Gnr Johnson to hospital  
  13   All captured cars & trailers centralised in one dump.  
  14-15   Commenced the care of German Troops into three large areas on the peninsulas to the N.W.  
      Gnr Piggin evacuated sick. Gnr Johnson rejoined unit.  
  16   No change.  
  17   C.R.A. visited the Bty and inspected the area  
      More guards to do. One now in Itzehoe.  
  18   C.O. carried out a working inspection & was pleased  
  19   No change. BQMS Rowe rejoined unit.  
  20   No change. Dvr Bibby to leave report centre to work for R.A.S.C. Dvr Polmer rejoined.  
  21   Amn dumping parties. Bty now holds 80 rd HE per gun. B.C. muster parade on offences.  
  22   G.O.C. visited the Regt & stayed for lunch. Received a further area to administer in area Schenefeld  
  23   2 Drivers & 2 men on operation "FRIG" removing PW. Dvr Ashun to hospital. Gnr Perry rejoined.  
  24 1600 Called out in new area on a report of trouble between Displaced Personnel & German Wehrmacht.   
      B.C. took 2 x ½ tracks & 16 men but found whole report a great exaggeration & no trouble forthcoming.  
  25   No change.  
  26   Supplied the Guard for K Bty to leave them free to celebrate the battle of Hondigem.  
      Lt J, Woolmer & Lt T, Chapman joined unit. Gnr Rutheroe & Gnr Murray & Gnr Jones R, Gnr Malloy, Dvr/Mech Harper joined unit. Gnr Chiddicks to hospital  
  27   No change. Bty played CC Bty at football and won 12 - 1 !!  
  28   Capt Allen M.C. RHA. & BSM went as advance party to Lägerdorf 2189.  
Lägerdorf      Regt moved via Schenefeld 1407 - Itzehoe 1793 - Lägerdorf 2189  
2189     Settling in & guards arranged.  
  29   Preparing administration of area, Gnr Faulder, Gnr Smith N & Gnr Butt away on PICKFORD II  
  30   B.C. now Mil. Gov of Lägerdorf. Setting up of proper office hours for the work.  
      A further guard at Cement factory giving us four guards in all !  
      Officers & WOs played Sgt at football. Result a draw 1 - 1. L/Bdr Guild to hospital.  
  31   Potential N.C.O.s  Cadre class started under R.S.M. Sgt Fost to U.K. on course.  


June 1944

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Lägerdorf 2189 1-30   The battery spent the whole month in preparation of vehicles for painting, painting them and getting them for ceremonial parades. A large number of guards were also done.  
      Those men not engaged in the above patrolled the area, sorting out German Army personnel and their vehicles and kit. The Bty office also became the Military Government for the area taking up about 2½ hours work a day.  
      ADCA and British War & Purpose Lectures & Discussions took place twice a week.  
      A great deal of work also done in preparations for release & demobilisation. Two different area were reconnoited for a Bty move which in fact never came. The Bty was ordered to move on June 18th - Mercer's Day. which resulted in the   
Lägerdorf 2189     Celebration being post paid.  
  1   Gnr Drum A Green T posted away on Pickford III  
  2 1100 G.O.C. talked to Bty on past, present & future plans and policy. Capt Allen. MC. R.H.A. to Div School on education course,  
  4   Sgt Spence to hospital.  
  9   Gnr Barrington posted to unit.  
  10   L/Bdr Golding rejoined from hospital.  
  13   A Troop won final of inter-troop (regimental) football competition beating 'H' Troop 5-1  
      Gnr Chiddicks rejoined from hospital. Sgt Owens interposted from CC Bty. Gnr Lambert to hospital.  
  16   Sgt Spence & Bdr Stanier rejoined from hospital  
  17   Gnr Lee returned from arrest by C.M.P.  
  18   Gnrs Burgess, Brinkman, Beardmore, Daniels, Donnelly, Hesketh, Langly, Whitcombe, Brock, Morgan & L/Sgt Blore posted away in PICKFORD IV  
      Bty link produced for first time since Gutterkoren  
  20   Dvr/Mech Cherry to Div. School on Comet Course.  
  21   Orders given for fraternisation with small children  
  24   Dvr Bowers & Gnr Lloyd J rejoined unit.  
  27   Gnr Coldthorpe rejoined from hospital.  
  28   Dvr/Mechs Spring & Fisher returned from course  
      Sgt Frodsham to D.S on Nos 1 Course. Larkhill  
  29   Mercer's Day celebrated. Sports in the morning, slap up dinner with dance section of the D.L.I. band playing. Race meeting in the afternoon & concert by "D" Bty 3rd RHA in the evening,  
  30   Gnr Jack rejoined from hospital.  


July 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Lägerdorf 2189 1 - 8   Bty continued painting, holding ABCA and BN&P discussions and preparing to move  
  5   Polling Day on which about 60% of the men voted.  
  6   Regimental Concert Party consisting of G Bty and the dance band from CC Bty  
  8 0605 Advance party to Berlin. Route HAMBURG - HARBURG - BRUNSWICK MAGDEBURG - HANOVER - BERLIN - GATOW (HOTTENGRUND Camp) 6641. Distance 203 miles  
    1700 Tracked vehicles on transporters to BRUNSWICK .  
      Gnr Needle rejoined unit and Dvr Ford to hospital.  
  9 0800 Soft vehicles moved to BRUNSWICK. Very hot and had trouble with burst trailer tyres.  
GATOW 6641 10   Tracked vehicles were dismounted & rejoined main party. Party proceeded to BERLIN arriving at camp at 1900 hrs. Gnr Gillman rejoined unit.  
  11   Continued to clear up the camp which has been evacuated by the Russians, who had left it in an unbelievable condition, With the aid of 200 German workers the camp was at least made habitable in 24 hours.  
  12   Practise if Regtl March Past on KLADOW Airfield.  
  13 1100 Division marched pass G.O. C-in-C in the Charlottenburger Chausse - A fine day but very hot. Bty send 8 Rams, 8 half tracks and BC.s Dingo. A good turn out.  
      Gnrs Crossley, Mollison, Saunders, Clifford, Evans, Haywood, Hareham, Walker H. Withers, Thompson A, and S/Sgt Norton joined as reinforcements, the majority from 6 R.H.A.  
      D.M Cherry rejoined from course. Cpl Gill. D/M Pettit rejoined from hospital.  
  14   Cleaning up continues and final touching up of vehicles  
  15   Sgt Dryden, Bdr Emery, L/Bdr Richards rejoined from courses.  
      Dvr Ford rejoined from hospital.  
  19 0630 Divisional practices of Marcj Past in the Charlottenburger Chausse'  
  21 1100 British VE parade in Charlottenburger Chausse.  
      Inspected by the Prime Minister who was accompanied by the Potsdam conference delegation and many distinguished, Naval, Military and R.A.F Officers, including Field Marshall Alexander, Montgomery, Brooke, Maitland, Wilson, Admiral Cunningham, also Mr Eden and Mr Atlee. All went well and the weather was excellent.  
  22   Major Kell to U.K. on course by Dakota.  
  23   Whole holiday.  
  24-27   General maintenance and clearing up of area  
  27   B.C.'s confce on Training Programme and Demilitisation.  
      Gnrs MacArthur and Hobbs to hospital  
  29   V.I.P. piquet started  


August 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
GATOW 6641 2   Training Programmes started, including Gun Drill, laying and Driving. Mr Bevin visited the Regt as Foreign Secretary and addressed all ranks.  
  6   Bank Holiday  
  7   Reparations for C.O.'s inspection  
  8   C.O.'s inspection of Billets and Stores. Bdr Blore rejoined from PICKFORD. D/M Hobbs from hospital.  
  11   B.C.'s inspection of vehicles  
  13   Bdr Reynolds to UK on Compassionate leave pending discharge.  
  14   Kit Check  
  15-16   V.J. Holidays  
  17   Bdr Farr & V/M Needle to UK on Demobilisation  
  24   Capt Peel to hospital  
  23-26   Supplied Guards to H.Q.  Berlin Area.  
  28   Regimental Athletics meeting. Won by CC Bty with G Bty second.  
  29   Packing & preparation to move to Olympic Stadium.  
  30 1145 Bty move to Olympic Stadium (7348), Gnr Gil to U.K. for F.E.C.M. Sgt Dryden to U.K. on drilling course.  
  31   Sgt Sillito rejoined from hospital.  
      During the month the Bty trained according to programme from 0845 - 1230 and from 1400 - 1500. Two yachts and one motor boat were obtained for the use of the Bty and some four or five canoes.   
      During the month too, Hottengrund Camp was completely transformed from a filthy morasse to an orderly, clean and respectable camp, help by approximately 60 German workers. Entertainment was excellent and organised sport and swimming was carried out each afternoon  


September 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Berlin 1-30   The month was spent in maintenance, clearing up the new billets & recreational training. The Olympic Stadium & adjacent playing fields have magnificent sports facilities.  
  3   Rehearsal for Allied Victory Parade - 2 Rams per Trp & J1 with Capt. Wilson R.H.A  
  6   D/Mech Orne rejoined from course in U.K.  
  7   VJ Parade - Four Powers March Past. 2 Rams per Trp & Capt. Wilson R.H.A, in J1  
      Dvr Ford to hospital  
  9   Gnr Goldthorpe to U.K. on Sanitary Duties course.  
  10   C - in - C presentation of decorations - 30 from Bty as spectators  
  11   Gnr Chiddicks from hospital. D/Mech Funnell from course.  
  11-21   Preparation for C.O.'s inspection  
  13   Gnr MacDonald C joined. Gnr  Moss rejoined from hospital.  
  15   Sgt, Gillespie posted from CC Bty  
  22   C.Os inspection of M.T. A lot of hard work had been put in by all concerned & the results was very satisfactory..  
      First news of the impending split up of the Division, intailing the posting of all ranks under A&S Gp 30.  
  24   Regt, Cadre for potential No 1. Bdr Guild, Br Meakin, L/Bdr Turner attended.  
  26   Capt. Dunlop W & Lt. Trotman J joined Bty  
  30   Sgt Blore & L/Bdr Pritchard to hospital.  


October 1945

Commanding Officer: J.G. Kell. Major RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Berlin 2   Preparation for COs billet inspection  
  3   COs inspection of billets - another good inspection.  
      A&S Gp 15 & 16 leave for demobilisation. See App A.  
  4   Regt, give "Farewell to Berlin" dance, prior to moving back to Divisional area it Itzehoe  
  6 0645 Advance party leaves for Hiede .i. Holstein. Move for remainder of Regt, postponed a week owing to state of Heide barracks  
  8   A vehicles left on transporters for new area. They were accommodated with 21 A.Tk Regt until Heide barracks were ready for occupation.  
      L/Bdr Pritchard rejoined from hospital,  
      A&S Gp 17 & 17 left for U.K.   See App A  
  11-15   Preparation for move  
  15   Advance party to staging area - GIFHORN CAMP  
  16 0730 Main party moved off & spent night at GIFHORN   
  17 1700 Arrived Heide barracks.  
      Gnr Chance from course in U.K,  
  19   G.O.Cs lecture to Regt, on re-organisation of the Division, Gnr Cassidy rejoined.  
  20-23   Maintenance.  Preparation of nominal rolls, etc. for operation "CASCARA". All men under A&S Gp 32 to be posted & any over 32 who are protected by 2½ years overseas service.  
  24   First draft left Bty.  
      Corps Cdr, visited Regt & met Officers of the Bty.  
  24-29   Drafts into & from the Bty. See App B  
  27   Lt. J E Stingsby joined Bty,  
  30-31   Reinforcements drilling & cleaning of equipment etc.  
      Gnr Etheridge from Hospital. D/M Smith to Hospital  


"G" Battery (Mercer's Troop) 5 R.H.A.    

Appendix "A" to October War Diary

A & S Groups 15 & 16 A & S Groups 19 & 20
L/Bdr.  Alders J. Sgt. Walker W.
Bdr. Armitage J. Sgt. Walker T.
Sgt. Stokes W. Sgt. Fost E.
L/Bdr. Symons C. L/Sgt Billing H.
Gnr. Yardy, E L/Sgt Taylor N.
    L/Sgt Emery G.
A & S Groups 17 & 18 Bdr. Stanier H.
W.O.11 Spence W. Bdr. Danby S.
D/M. Howden L. Bdr. Manley G.
Gnr. Mortimer E. Bdr. Oldfield T.
Cpl. Monger E. (A.C.C.) L/Bdr. Dick J.
W.O.11 Gibson W. Gnr. O'Connell C.
Sgt. Thorburn W. Gnr. Newby W.
Sgt. Welby F. Dr. Higgins F.
Gnr. Bibby J. Gnr. Kyte. C
Cpl. Underwood G. (A.C.C.)  Gnr. Hayward R.
    Cpl Usher J. (R.E.M.E.)
Postings Out. Pte. Hancocks W (A.C.C)
Dr. Dove J Gnr. Hughes W. (Class "B" Release)
Gnr. Elliott C.    
Dr. Stone J. Gnr. Maskill G.
Dr. Thompson R. Dr. Toze C.
Dr. Young J.W. L/Bdr. O'Donnell J.
Gnr. Brown G.F.D. Gnr. Paterson R.
Gnr. Horrocks J. L/SgtVM Wallace E,G.
Gnr. Lawton F. W/Bdr. Gwinnell L.
Gnr. Hallgath S.J. Gnr. Lambert A.
Gnr. Brooks M. Bdr. Meakin L.
D/M. Cherry C. Sgt. Owns K/.L.R.
L/Bdr. Dickson R.    
D/M King H.    
Gnr. GF. Newson G.    
D/M. Pettit F.    
D/M. Collier P.    
D/M. Funnell N,    
D/M. Harper E.    
D/M. Mollison J.    
D/M. Pearse E.    
Gnr. Barrington W.    
L/Bdr. Johnson E    
Gnr. Moss H.    
L/Bdr. Wareham C.    
Gnr. Whall AE.    
Dr. Kirkham J.    
Dr. Palmer G.    
L/Bdr. Turner J.    
Gnr. Chiddicks J.    
Gnr Harrop W.    
Gnr. McNally W.    
L/Bdr. Wray C.    
Dr. Ashun G.    
Dr. Chattfield T    



November 1945

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1   Major Kell RHA hands over the battery to Major Allen MC RHA.  
  3   A/S 19 & 20 despatched on Class A release.  
      Gnr Morris to hospital  
  4   Lieuts Roberst & Coad joined battery  
  5   Sgt Owens posted to 4th RHA  
  6   Major Kell RHA posted to CCG.  
      Major Benson posted to battery from 86th Field Regt RA.  
  6-10   Major Allen MC RHA hands over battery to Major Benson RHA  
      Reinforcements re-drilling classes.  
  9   Capt Holmer posted from 86th Field Regt RA.  
  10   Vehicle and gun park inspected by CO.  
      Draft posted to 86th Field Regt RA. }See App A
      Draft posted in from 86th Field Regt RA. }
      Lieut Ian Hallett posted from 86th Field Regt RA.  
      Grade tests for reinforcements.  
  14   Capt Wilson posted to 86th Field Regt RA.  
  18   Group 21 despatched for Class A release.  
  19   Lieut Slingsby granted compassionate reversion to U.K.  
  21   Supply corps commander's special seven day guard at 8 Corps HQ.  
  23   Sgt Gillespie & Gnr Morris return from hospital.  
  24   COs M.T. inspections.  
  25   Gnr Pendlebury to div battle school on a cooks course.  
  26   Major Allen MC R.H.A. posted to 86th Field Regt RA.  
      Regtl training classes commence.  
  28   Lieut AL Darling posted to the battery from 86th Field Regt RA.  
  29   Capt D P Warren posted to the battery.  
      Lieut S P Whitley posted to the 153 Field Regt RA  
  30   Lieut Roberts to hospital.  


Appendix "A".    

Posting to 86 Field Regt. R.A.

860787  L/Bdr DMAFV Comley L. 23C
1447600. D/M Mulhall F. 26C
934209. L/Bdr VM Ibbotson W. 25C
947678 Gnr B.S. Donohue 26C
974353. Gnr B.S. Harry J. 28C
933627 DM AFV Orme 25C
982201 Gnr D.O, Gibbson J. 31C
898602 Gnr. Shaw E. 28C
Posting in from  86 Field Regt. R.A.
893744 Gnr Bateman G. 32C
856830 W/Sgt Wakeman B.L. 29D. R.
1085957 L/Sgt. T.A. Halliday W. 33C
14373717 L/Bdr. Stone T.H. 45C
14353294 Bdr. Dandy L.C. 49C
1136452 Gnr. Morgan C.D. 44C
143377207 Gnr. Talbot L. 50C
143377912 Gnr. Rylett A.F. 43C
147244402 Gnr. C/M Gardner D.R. 56C
112281 Bdr. Rigg H. 32C
1136969 Gnr. Sadler D. 44C
1132171 Gnr. Stirrup J. 41C
1136315 Gnr. Collinge F. 44C
14375958 Gnr. Hayes J 50C
14288440 Gnr. Bloomfield R 48C
14530295 Gnr. Liddell G. 51C
14732733 Gnr D/M. Hotchkiss H. 57C
1436167 Gnr, Foreman N. 50C
1139200 Gnr. Mattison K. 44C




December 1945

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1   During December training classes continued at a high pitch which included Nos 1 course, signals training, specialists classes, driving instruction and gunners classes.  
      This interspersed with ABCA lectures by A&C instructors and receational training in the afternoons  
  9   Lieut Heaton-Ellis posted to the battery from RHQ  
  16   Draft posted in from 86th Field Regt RA See App A
      D/M Smith H to hospital  
  22   L/Bdr Gibson to hospital  
  24   Gnr Drew to hospital  
  25   Christmas Programme - Football and Hockey matches. Christmas dinner and dance in the evening.  


Appendix "A"    

Postings in from 86th Field Regt. R.H.A.

1126875 DM ATV Connell J. T. 41C.
3976712 Gnr Withers D 43C.
1136130 Gnr D.O. Ferriers J 44C.
14684412 D/M Simmonds W 42C.
1139159 Gnr Blenkinsop M 44C.
14275513 Gnr Zealand J A. 48C.



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