War Diaries of G Battery (Mercer's Troop), Royal Horse Artillery


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January 1946

Commanding Officer: Captain R L Holmer RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide     Regimental signaling & specialist classes continued throughout most of the month.  
      A further regimental Nos 1 course commenced & battery signallers & gunners classes continued while education carried on as in December.  
      Troop commanders groups were inaugurated.  
      WO II Clacker posted to the battery  
  3   Major D Benson RHA to U.K, on end of war leave.  
      Captain Holmer RHA assumed command of the battery.  
  4   Gnrs Ferrier and Whitley returned from hospital  
  8   L/Bdr Gibson returned from hospital  
      WO II Cowling Gnrs Wharell and Ashun posted to the battery.  
  11   Lieut ACB Helps posted to the battery  
  12   Capt GL Noel posted to the battery  
      L/Bdr Combs posted to Field security  
  15   Gnr Rowland to hospital  
  16   WO II Woodford posted to  
  17   Gnr Spencer departed in class B release  
      Sgt Shaw departed in class A  release                                } Group 25  
  20   BQMS Lowe departed in class A release                           }  
  21   Lieut Ian Hasselt departed in class B release  
      Bdr Brooks and L/Bdr Beavis & Gnr Hardy to div Battle school on leaders course.  
  22   C.C.R.A. visited the regiment and met battery commanders. Battery supplied special guard.  
  22   Gnr Short & Todd to div signs on a signals Itzehoe course.  
  26   Bdr Edwards and Gnr Godfrey class B release  
      Draft posted o 90th Field Regt RA see Appdx A
  27   Gnr Whittaker to hospital. L/Bdr Curran interposted to K Battery RHA.  


Appendix "A"    

Postings in from 86th Field Regt. R.H.A.

845815 Sgt, Lindst C.F. 32DR
798124 Gnr Underwood 37C
14341390 Gnr Morris F.G. 33C
14793600 Gnr D.C. Burgin F, 53C
1798103 Gnr. Scriven C 36C
1798834 Gnr Harry R.C. 37C
1784378 Gnr Greenhill H. 36C



February 1946

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1-28   Normal training continued during the month including Nos 1 course, driving classes, Regtl signallers and Technical Assistants  class, interspersed with ABCA periods  
  3   Lt H A Berry joined the unit.  
  4   Gnrs Short & Todd rejoined from 19 set conversion course.  
  6   Cpl Drew ACC rejoined from Cpl cooks course  
      Gnr Whittaker returned from hospital  
  7   Gnr Hobart Class B release  
  11   Cpl Domican REME joined unit  
  13   Cpl Hall REME tp 131 Bde W/Shops.  
      Bdr Dobson, Gnrs Brow R Hendry & Aldridge posted to 90th Field Regt RA.  
  15   Sgt Clay & Bdr Humphrey Class A release.  
      Gnrs Pendlebury, Jackson, Palmer R and James class B release.  
  21   Gnr Holey joined uniy. L/Bdr McTavish on Regtl clerkes course.  
  23   Gnr Breckon joined unit.  
  26   L/Bdr Stanley, Gnr Hughes & Mille posted to 90th Field Regt RA.  


March 1946

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA.

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1   The RC Padre (Capt Hiscoe) introduced a Padres Hour to be held every Thursday at 1500hrs.  
  3   Gunner/Mechanics course commenced until April 20th 1946. The following were selected to attend  
      Sgt Wakeham, Bdr Clapson, L/Bdr Jones, Gnr Hossewell, Collinge, Cooper D Davids RE & Hayes  
      W/Bdr Rigg proceeded on clase B release.  
  4   Gnr Cooper D evacuated to hospital.  
  6   Commanding Officers Inspection of the Battery, Billets, Cookhouse, etc.  
  10   Gnr Breckon, Kimber, Fullalove to Div Sigs Itzehoe on 19 set conversion course  
      Gnrs :Levett Coylie, Price to 22 Armd Bde W/Shops for Trade Test  
  12   Gnr Cooper D returned from hospital.  
  13   Gnr Morgan T H to RASC Itzehoe on clerks course  
  18   Gnr Clifford W proceeded on class A release  
      W/Bdr Clapson proceeded on class B release  
      W/Cpl Domican P attached o the Battery (R.E.M.E) (V&P)  
      W/Bdr Barber W T admitted to hospital on leave (S.O.SO  
      Gnr Gracie returned from Agricultural leave. Gnr Kimber, Breckon, Fullalove returned from 19 Set Conversion course Itzehoe.  
  20   Gnrs Kimber, Hayes H, Todd proceeded on Class B release.  
      Gnrs Alders W, Lawrence D proceeded to 51 RHU for clerks course & S.O.S.  
  22   Gnr Stirrup J to BAOR training centre - clerks course.  
  23   Gnrs Colewell W, Clarke F proceeded on class A release  
  24   Gnr Gracie D proceed to school of commerce Hamburg or pre-vocation course  
      Lt ACB Helps RHA attached to Div Ferry Brunshottel   
  25   Gnrs Lule, Raggell, Leisbroy Etheridge attending a week up grading class for Driver/Operators  
      Gnr Laime evacuated to CRS  
  26   L/Bdr McTavush A returned from Regtl clerks course,  
  27   Gnr Page A proceeded to 51 RHU on clerks course,  
      Gnr Davies proceeded on class B release.  
      W/Bdr Thompson A, Gnrs Hanson E, Grant J H Crood L posted to the battery  
  29   Gnr Connell J T proceeded on class B release.  
      Gnrs Rogers D G, Eames W proceeded to BAOR centre on clerks course. Gnrs Rowland D, Collinge F admitted to hospital  
  30   Gnrs Rowland D returned from hospital  
      Normal training continued throughout the month & various group exercises were introduced.   


April 1946

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1   R.A. War memorial Fund. A raffle was organised in aid of the sum of Twenty Pounds Twelve Shillings and Sixpence being raised .  
      Gnr Stone. W returned from Trade Test.  
      Gnr Jenkins, D posted to this Battery  
  2   Bdr McTavish, L/Bdr's Cook, Brett, Hardy, McKay, Slack commenced two weeks Junior N.C.O's Course under the R.S.M.  
  3   Major D Benson RHA returned from U.K. Leave. Resumed Command of the Battery  
  4   W/Bdr Harrington R.L proceeded to Class 'A' Release  
  5   Gnr Liddel, M, evacuated to C.R.S. Gnr's Collins, Gibson, Lloyd, Robertson, Waldock, Wadley and Brett posted to this Battery.  
  6   The Commanding Office inspected a Best Battledress parade in view of Ceremonial Guard to be provided for H/Q. 8th Corps District.  
      Gnr Murray. A proceeded to R.A. Depot Woolwich for Victory Parade celebrations.  
      Gnr's Bagshaw. S, Brook. S, Hopefield, K posted to this Battery.  
  7   Major D Benson R.H.A held a Private Hour for all ranks. Gnr Asnby. D proceeded on Class 'B' release.  
      Sjt Horne F.T, L/Bdr Jones. D.A, Gnr's Vast.R, Ward. W, Kinore. F.W. posted to this Battery  
  8   Gnr Etheridge. D admitted to C.R.S.  
  9   L/Bdr McLean. W posted  to this Battery. Gnr's Kaine. W, Collinge. F returned from Hospital.  
  10   Gnr Mathews. J posted to this Battery. 5th R.H.A. versus R.A.S.C. in the Div Soccer League.  BQMS Frost, Sm Sjt Gillespie, Gnr's Rylett, Atkinson, Withers selected from this Battery.  
  11   -------------------------------------------------------------  
  12   Sjt Haigh. K Bdr Williams. A.J, L/Bdr Farrant, D.E, Gnr Heathcote. W.B, Ries. G.B. Grinson. G.H. posted to this Battery,  
  13   Gnrs Graham. J, Withers. D and Leach. A. proceed on Class 'B' Realease  
  14   It was decided that throughout the Regiment that Practice of Main Guard Mounting should cease  
  15   Gnr Liddel, J returned from Hospital. Major D Benson R.H.A. proceeded on 14 days SEWIRON  Leave  
  16   Gnr Holgarth. A posted to this Battery. Sjt Horne F.T, Class 'B' Release.  
      Curfew for all Allied personnel amended to 2330 hrs to 0430 hrs daily.  
  17   Gnr's Foster. E, Whittaker. F to 51 R.H.U on Clerk's Course. Gnr Reading. E posted to this Battery.  
      Gnr Short. A attached to 94 (BR) Military Hospital on Medical Orderlys' Course  
  18   Gnr Mattison. K returned from Hospital  
  19   Bdr Thomas. D and Gnr Spooner. E.G posted to this Battery. T/Capt, Noel. G.L.J posted Danish (Training) Team and S.O.S.  
  20   The Battery Commander made a working Inspection of all vehicles and M.T.  
      A very satisfactory result was achieved.  



  Being Easter-Tide parades were at a minimum, full opportunity being taken in various sports organise by the Regiment and Battery  
  23   L/Bdr Farrant . L.E, Gnr Hanson. E.C proceeded on Class 'B' release. Gnr Bancrodt, A.G posted to the Battery.  
      Gnr Ries G.R attending Course at No 7 Formation College.  
  24   R.A. War Memorial Funs. A further amount of Thirty Pounds was realised by means of a raffle.  
  25   A Guard was provided for Security pirposed at Copenhagen comprised of 3 N.C.O;s and 12 Gunners. Gnr Etheridge returned from Hospital.  
  26   Gnr Baldock. W.E. to B.A.O.R training Centre for Clerk's course. Gnr Milburn. C posted to this Battery.  
  27   Gnr Rhodes. R posted to this Battery. Gnr Rule. S attached to 7th Armd Div Dance Band.  
  28   Gnr's Eames. E, Rogers. D.G returned from Clerk's Course.  
  29   Bdr Lawson H, L/Bdr Lusted. A.T posted to this Battery.Sjt Wakeham. S.G.K and Gnr Scaplehorn. F attending Trade Test at 22nd Armd Bde W/Shops.  
  30   Gnr Letts, J evacuated to C.R.S.  
      During the month several schemes were introduced under Battery and Troop arrangements. A very high standard was maintained throughout. Lectures were also given to the Battery by the Battery Commander and the Battery Captain on various subjects including the R.A. War Memorial Fund.  


Appendix "A"    

Draft posted to 2nd L.A.A. Regt. R.A.

1778944 Gnr Ward. W. 23/4/46.



May 1946

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1   Gnr Gracie.D. proceeded on 28 days Agricultural Leave  
  2   Battery Staff Drill Order. First of series throughout the month.  
  3   Training commences for R.A. Sports to be held on 10th May'46. Every assistance and supervision given to the competitors to take full opportunity.  
      Gnr Shaw. H to 51.R.H.U on Clerk's Course. Gnr Mattison. K returned from Hospital  
  4   Gnrs Parking. F, Brown. W.T, posted to the Battery. Gnr Raine evacuated to C.R.S.  
  5   L/Bdr Jones. C, Gnr Davies. R.E to 22nd Armd Bde W/Shops for Trade Test.  
  6   Gnrs Chance. S, Milburn. C evacuated to C.R.S. Gnr Letts, J returned from Hospital  
  7   An Intelligence Lecture was given to all available Officers, W.O's, Sjts and Bdrs.  
  8   Bdr Thompson. A evacuated to C.R.S.  
  10   R.A. Sports. All personnel less essential dutymen attended. The Regt did extraordinary well.  
      Great credit due to the Competitors from this Battery.  
      W/Bdr Martin. J. proceeded on 28 days SEWIRON. Gnr Strangward. T evacuated to C.R.S.  
  11   The Commanding Officer made a working inspection of vehicles and M.T.  
      A Regimental Rest Camp was opened catering for approximately 80 personnel from Regt eacj week-end.  
      Gnr Raine. W returned from Hospital.  
  13   Education week introduced for all personnel Age & Service Group No 40 and over,  
      Victory Parade personnel left unit. Proceeded to the U.K.  
  14   Gnr Curtis. W.F evacuated to C.R.S. L/Bdr Sadler. D evacuated to C.R.S.   
  16   Signal Exercise under Lt C.H. Coad R.H.A. Major. D Benson returned from SEWIRON resumes Command of the Battery.  
      A further sum of Sixty six Pounds Fourteen Shillings and Sixpence for the R.A. Memorial Fund by mans of a Raffle.  
  17   Gnrs Chance.G, Milburn. C returned from Hospital. Gnr Higham A.E evacuated to C.R.S.  
  18   Sjts Gillespie. H. Markham. A.H, Gnrs Gibson. J, Lloyd. D.T, despatched on Python Leave and forwarded to R.A. Depot, Woolwich. S.O.S  
  19   Bdr Horsewell. W L/Bdr Cooper. D to 22nd Armd Bdr W/Shops for Trade Testing.  
  20   Gnrs Taylor. D, Holgarth. J to School of Social Studies, Vocational Course  
      Gnr Curtis. W.F returned from Hospital. Gnr Milburn. C granted 7 days Compassionate Leave.  
      Personnel selected for Security Guard at Copenhagen left the unit.  
  21   Lt. A.C.B. HHelps. R.H.A. interposted to R.H.Q. Capt. E, Malcolm R.H.A. interposted to 'K' Battery. Cap. G.R.S. Bolster R.H.A. posted to this Battery.  
  22   Sjt Frodsham. J proceeded on 14 days SEWIRON. Gnr Letts. J evacuated to C.R.S.  
      Sjt Keyser, J despatched to Netherlands Interpreters Corps for release.  
  23   Battery Staff Scheme on Pivot Guns. Representatives selected from the Troops as a committee to organise celebrations for "Mercer's Day" June '18th' 46.  
  24   The Commanding Officer gave a Lecture to all senior ranks. Subject:- ' Morale in Battle'  
      Bdr Thompson. A, L/Bdr Sadler. D, Gnrs Strangward. T, Letts. J returned from Hospital  
  25   Publicity given to Membership Cards being available for the R.A. Association. A very satisfactory results was obtained.  
  26   The Regt versus a Civilian side at Soccer. L/Bdr Henderson and Gnr Troth selected from this Battery.  
  27   The Battery took over duties from 'K' Battery who were celebrating "HONDEGHEM" Day.  
      Sjt Halliday. W.A proceeded on  Vocational Training Courses at No 7 Formation College  
  28   L/Bde Minns. C evacuated to C.R.S.  
  30   Bdr Glover. R.A, Gnr Ryan. J.J. posted to this Battery. Bdr Glover. R.A evacuated to C.R.S.  
      Training was introduced at the commencement of the month on a more intensive scaled and continued throughout. In addition various lectures were given by Commanding Office, Battery Commander and Troop Commanders. A great improvement is being shown in all respects. i.e. Drill-Sport-Entertainment etc, and the opening of the Regimental Rest Camp for week-end shows every aspect of being a great success.  


Appendix "A"    

Draft posted to 2nd L.A.A. Regt. R.A.

11060892 P/A/Bdr Lawson. N ).
11051332 U/L/Bdr McLean. N )    20th May' 46
14256240 Gnr Hopely. G.C. )
1142297 Gnr Elmore. F. )
11057592  " Jemkins. D. ) 24th May.46
1799629  " Ries. G. R. )



June 1946

Commanding Officer: Major D Benson RHA

Place Date Hour Summary of Events and Information References to Appendices
Heide 1   The Battery Commander made a working inspection of all vehicles and M.T. A satisfactory result was obtained.  
  2   W/W.O,II Moore. R Posted to this Battery. Gnr Ager F.R. proceeded on Class 'B' Release.  
  3   Education completed for all personnel in age & Service Group NO's 32 to 39.  
      L/Bdr Minns. C and Gnr Wybourn. H returned from Hospital. Gnr Gracie. D returned from Agricultural Leave.  
  4   Greatcoats were discontinued on Regimental Main Guard Mounting. Gnr Curtis W.P. evacuated to C.R.S.  
      L/Bdr Jones. D.A interposted to R.H.Q. Gnr west. R returned from Hospital  
  5   Battery Scheme:- Drill Order. Improvement shown in all respects. Gnr Mathews. J.J. dispatched on Python Leave. Forwarded to R.A. Depot, Woolwich and S.O.S.  
  7   The Commanding Officer attended Battery Muster Parade for Best Battledress inspection. Gnr Baker. F.W. posted to this Battery.  
  8   Victory Ceremonial Parade. The Commanding Officer too the salute at the March Past of Mounted and dismounted parties. Credit due to all ranks on the splendid turn-out. A very impressive sight..  
  9   Being Whit-Sunday special Church Services were held for all denominations.  
      Gnr Lambert. D.G posted to this Battery. L/Sjt Brooks. H evacuated to C.R.S.  
  10   Gnr Higham. A.E returned from Hospital, Whit-Monday. All holiday for all ranks less essential  duty personnel.  
  11   Gun Drill and Marching and Rifle Drill now tales a prominent place in training up to 1500 hrs daily.  
      Recreation the continues up to 1630 hrs daily under Troop arrangements.  
      Gnr Liddell, J interposted to R.H.Q, W/Sjt Harrison. H, Gnrs Beeson. I.K, Gracie. D, Collins. A.R, proceeded on Class 'A' Release..  
      Gnrs Crinson. G.H, Lancashire. W.A, Homeword. H.R, evacuated to C.R.S,  
      W/Sjt Harrison. H, Gnrs Beeson. I.K, Halfarce. F.A, Williams, S Lancashire. W.A, Hurst. A.J.H, Turner. G.T posted to this Battery.  
  12   Bde Gover.  R.A, Gnrs Curtis. W.F, Crinson. G.H, returned from Hospital  
  13   Gnr Fullalove. J evacuated to C.R.S  
  14   Gnr Rogers. D.G evacuated to C.R.S. Gnr Tomlinson. J posted to the Battery.  
  15   Putlos Firing Group, Road and Rail parties left fire the unit firing practice to be held on the 16th. Gnr Homewood. H.R returned form hospital.  
  16   Firing on Putlos ranges, L/Sjt Brooks, H, Gnr Fullalove. J returned from Hospital  
  17   Parties returned from Firing Group. A great success. All ranks shown great keenness and much credit due to the gunners. Gnr Lancashire. W.A returned from hospital.  
      Sjt Haigh. H, Gnr Holgarth. A, proceeded on a course to RAF, CVI, School.  
  18   Troop Commanders; Hour now becomes a regular feature in this weeks' programme.  
  19   A period of Officers Training took place occupying the full morning.  
  21   W/Bdr Taylor. H posted to this Battery. Bdr Bloomfield returned from Hospital. Gnr Strangward evacuated to C.R.S.  
  22   Commanding Officer's inspection of billets and area. A high standard if cleanliness was evident.  
      Gnr Halfarce. F.A, Higham. A.E., Irvine. R, Nesry. G, Taylor, J, Williams. H, despatched on Class 'A' Release.  
  23   Special Church Services were held for Holy Communion for C/E personnel. Rev, SES, Rowe (CF) from 3rd R.H.A. officiating. Gnr Mattison. K returned from Hospital.  
  24   Visit to the Regiment by the B.R.A, Brigadier H.N Crosse. CBE, MC. W.O.M.I.T training continued throughout the day.  
  25   'MERCER'S DAY' The entire Battery was conveyed to the Regt Rest Camp for a full day's celebrations. A great amount of work had been done by the committee to ensure that a full programme of entertainment was provided.  
      Approximately 8 hours were spent at the camp to be follow later in an evening by and Invitation Mercer's Dance. A great day was spent by all.  
      Gnr Brook, E evacuated to C.R.S.  
  26   Normal training resumed with a C.P, exercise (Regt practice) taking priority.  
      Sjt Whalley, J, L/Bdr Cook. C.J evacuated to C.R.S.  
  27   Gnr West, R evacuated to C.R.S.  
  29   The Battery Commander carried out an inspection of 2nd best Battledress followed by a working inspection of all 'A' vehicles.  
      Sjt Halliday. W.A returned from Vocational Course. Gnr Heathcote. W proceeded on 28 days educational course.  
  30   Capt G.R.S. Bolster R.H.A. assumed Command of the Battery during the absence of Major. D. Benson. R.H.A. on a course.  
      Sjt Whalley returned from Hospital  
      This was a month of various activities both in respect of training and recreation.  
      In addition to the firing on the Putlos Range (June 16th) and Mercer's Day June 25th (unavoidably postponed from the 18th in view of the firing on the 16th) created a great deal of enthusiasm. The Battery is doubtless, showing a great improvement in all respects and a promising is assured.  


Appendix "A"    

Draft posted to 15 B.A.O.D

4206331 L/Bdr Slack J. )
875925 L/Bdr Lusted. A.T. )
11406740 Gnr Brown. W.T. )    17th June; 48
1101842 Gnr Hurst. S.J.G. )
6296543 Gnr Turner. G.T )
Draft posted to 22nd Armd Bde W/Shops  
4698178 Gnr Rhodes. H )   17th June; 48
5126091 Gnr Crinson. G.H )

NB. In the National Archives folder page dated 1 to 12 has no month on the top and the two sheets for 13 to 25 and 26 to 30 June have May'46 on the top. However, sub-folder they are in is marked June 1946 and the contents clearly show they are the Diaries for June 1946.


July to December 1946



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