Location of the Desert Rats before Normandy

During the Second World War the 7th Armoured Division and 4th Armoured Brigade were only stationed in the UK for less than five months of its existence. This page aims to identify where the units listed below were located, during this period, so that veterans, family or friends may revisit pass haunts.

The tables below contains the order of battle of the 7th Armoured Division (Table 1) and 4th Armoured Brigade (Table 2) during the Normandy landings and subsequent campaign. Where a location of the a unit is known simply click on the name to be taken to a page with details of the location.

Please note that the Memorial Association cannot guarantee these are all the exact locations, though every effort has been made to do so using War Diaries, plus information from veterans. Importantly public access to any or all of them may be restricted or impossible. Therefore, please respect the privacy of others.

Also please read the notes indicated by [1], or similar (on all the pages) as these contain useful information that will help in finding locations.

Finally, if there are any errors in this information or you have information relating to this please contact the Webmaster.

Table 1: 7th Armoured Division

Shoulder Flash of 7th Armoured Division, 'The Desert Rats'

Divisional HQ [1]  

22nd Armoured Brigade

Royal Engineers

22nd Armoured Brigade HQ

4th Field Squadron

1st Royal Tank Regiment

621st Field Squadron

5th Royal Tank Regiment

143rd Field Park Squadron

4th County of London Yeomanry [2]


1st Bn. The Rifle Brigade




131st (Queens) Brigade 


131st Brigade HQ [4]

No. 58 Company

1/5th Bn. Queens Royal Regiment

No. 67 Company

1/6th Bn. Queens Royal Regiment

No. 133 Company [5]

1/7th Bn. Queens Royal Regiment

No. 507 Company

No. 3 Support Company, Royal Northumberland Fusiliers




Divisional Troops


8th Hussars

2nd Light Field Ambulance

11th Hussars [3]

131st Field Ambulance

Divisional Signals

29th Field Dressing Station

Provost Company

70th Field Hygiene Section


134th Mobile Dental Unit

Royal Artillery


3rd RHA


5th RHA


15th (IOM) Light AA Regiment RA

Divisional Ordnance Field Park

65th Anti tank Regt. RA (Norfolk Yeomanry)

22nd Armoured Brigade Ordnance Field Park


131st Brigade Ordnance Field Park



7th Armoured Troops Workshop [6]

Royal Armoured Corps

22nd Armoured Brigade Workshop

No 263 Forward Delivery Squadron

131st Brigade Workshop


15th Light AA Regiment Workshop




[1] Includes elements such as CRE, CRA, CREME, CRASC, ADMS, ADOS, etc, Including Middlesex Yeomanry Signals Detachments.

[2] Replaced by 5th Royal Inniskilling Dragoon Guards, August 1944 and merged with 3rd CLY to form 3rd/4th County of London Yeomanry

[3] Part of VIII Corps until August 1944, when they permanently rejoined the Division.

[4] Including Middlesex Yeomanry Signals Detachments.

[5] No 133 Company Royal Army Service Corps. 30th Corps Composite Company, which was assigned to support the Division December 1944 or January 1945, having supported it in the latter stages of the North African Campaign.

[6] Re-designated 812th Armoured Troops Workshop on 28th September 1944.


Table 2: 4th Armoured Brigade

Shoulder Flash of 4th Armoured Brigade, 'The Black Rats'



4th Armoured Brigade

Brigade Troops

4th Armoured Brigade HQ

4th Armoured Brigade Signals Section

The Royal Scots Greys (2nd Dragoons)


3rd County of London Yeomanry


44th Royal Tank Regiment

No. 5 Company

2nd Bn. King's Royal Rifle Corps




Royal Artillery


4th RHA [7]

4th Armoured Brigade Ordnance Field Park [8]



318th Armoured Brigade Workshop [9]

14th Light Field Ambulance




No 271 Forward Delivery




[7] Became part of the Brigade as of 25th June 1944.

[8] No specific location known for this unit. Any information will be most welcome

[9] Became 4th Armoured Troops Workshop in Autumn of 1944.



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