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Engagements And Campaigns Fought By The 7th Armoured Brigade (The Green Jerboa) As An Independent Unit


During the early years of Second World War the 7th Armoured Brigades fought as part of 7th Armoured Division was involved in many of the major campaigns and engagements in the Western Desert and accounts of these actions can be found as detailed below under the link for 1940 and 1941. This page and the ones dealing with the respective years, contain as much information that I have found so far each campaign and engagement the Brigade was involved in after it left 7th Armoured Division and became an Independent Armoured Brigade, but I apologise if I have omitted anything.

Campaigns and engagements - 1940 :

Egypt-Libya Border Raids and Fort Capuzzo, Sid-Barrani

Campaigns and engagements - 1941 :

Bardia & Tobruk, Beda-Fomm, Rommel's First Attack, "Operation Brevity", "Operation Battle-Axe", "Operation Crusader" (including Sidi Rezegh, Rommel's Raid The Axis Withdrawal and Clearing Cyrenaica)

Campaigns and engagements - 1942 :

Preparations for the Far East, Japanese Invasion of Burma, Fight for Burma (including First Encounters, Withdrawal to Rangoon, Rangoon to the Irrawaddy, Battle of of Yenaungyaung, Final Stand in Burma, Crossing the Chindwin and back to India and India and then to Iraq)

Campaigns and engagements - 1943 :

Training and Exercises in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and Egypt.

Campaigns and engagements - 1944 :

Preparations for Italy, Breaking the Gothic and Hitler Lines and Drive up the Adriatic

Campaigns and engagements - 1945 :

Clearing the Senio River, Crossing the Senio and the Final Push to Venice and Trieste



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