Some pictures of the displays and vehicles at the open day

Royal British Legion - Motorcyle Branch Horse Guards Parade Diorama Food Stall

Junior Leaders Adventure Corps (Cumbria) Display Mr. Christopher Page's 'Living History' Stand Beer, Cider and Wine
Vintage Radio Display with Amateur Radio Special Event Station GB2DRA behind Amateur Radio Special Event Station GB2DRA on the air, operated by The Bittern Dx Group
BBC Norfolk's own Julie Reinger talking to our Treasurer and Historian Ian Paterson about the event and to get him to read the next Treasure Hunt Clue, watched by Re-enactor Christopher Page L-R: Mr. Christopher Page, Lt-Col S Copley-Smith, Major M Mallet, Julie Reinger, SSM C Lord and Capt. M McCabe The Bittern Dx Group with Lt-Col S Copley-Smith.
For More Photos from BBC Radio Norfolk of Julie Reinger and the Desert Rats please see their website
For More Photographs from the Bittern Dx Group as GB2DRA please see their website

Recovery Crane Spartan Armoured Personal Carrier Saxon Armoured Personal Carrier
Bren Gun Carrier in 1st Bn The Rifle Brigade Markings from 1944. Note 50 Cal Browning for a little extra hitting power. Truck

25 Pdr Howitzer (Mainstay of WW11 Artillery) Jeeps Galore!
British Army Truck Landrover and AFV432 Armoured Personal Carrier Lorry and Landrover
Cars and Jeeps More modern Vehicles The Provost Company
Our regular musical Entertainment - The Swingtime Sweethearts Association Stand. Lots of unique items for sale on the day. Our Tea and Cake tent, in full 'natter.'
Brigade HQ Command Post Entrance Two Bulldog AFVs next to the Command Post
Briefing Notice Members of 207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron outside the Command Post


Major Matthew Mallett, OC 207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron, before the service.
207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron

The Squadron can traces its origins back to the formation of the Desert Rats in N Africa in February 1940, when it was the Signal Squadron for the 7th Armoured Brigade. In 1942 it and the Brigade served in Burma during the retreat before the Japanese attack. After withdrawing to India the Squadron then served in Italy until the end of WW2.

After WW2 the Squadron remained with 7th Armoured Brigade during the Cold War in Germany , it has also seen action during Gulf War 1, Balkans in the 1990s, Operation TELIC (Iraq 2003, 2007/08 & 2008) and Afghanistan in 2014.

As part of the Army Re-organisation, the Squadron became part of 16th Signals Regiment, based in Stafford, with a responsibility to support 12th Mechanized Infantry Brigade.


Sculptor Henry Gray, shows our visitors the ideas for the Desert Rat Memorial, we are planning to place at the National Arboretum, Stafford.



Some pictures of the parade and the service at the memorial



The Standards form up before the Parade to the memorial Piper leading the parade Members of 207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron, led by the Squadron Second in Command, Captain Matthew McCabe R SIGNALS, on parade for the Desert Rats Memorial Day

207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron marching to the Memorial The parade stands to attention The parade is inspected

SSM Christopher Lord (Parade Sgt/Maj) watches the proceedings. Two Bulldog APCs from 207 Signals Squadron next to the memorial With the Standards around the memorial, Lt-Col Simon Copley-Smith REME makes his opening address
.Mr Ken Harris is presented with a model Challenger Tank, in recognition for his time as Site Manager, from which he has now stood down from. Major Matthew Mallett R SIGNALS addresses the parade and those gathered at the memorial The Revd. David Hanwell addresses those gathered at the start of the service of remembrance.
A Choir leads those at the memorial in singing 'Men of Harlech'.

2/Lt. Pippa Inderwick,R SIGNALS, reads from Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8

"There is a time for everything and a season for every activity.... "

The Standards are lowered for the Two Minute Silence
The Last Post  Poppies Fall. A Lone Piper plays the traditional lament of "The Flowers of the Forest".
Wreaths are laid, by local dignitaries, service personal and veterans Standards lowered for the National Anthem at the end of the service
Ken Harris with Francis Dining Ken Harris with the presentation Challenger Tank, by the Memorial.

Cadets after the service, with SSM C Lord, R.Sigs

A detachment of 207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron, Royal Signals, in front of the memorial. 207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron, joined by our Chairman Lt-Cpl Copley-Smith.

Wreaths by the memorial at the end of the service

Some Videos from the event

Marching to the Memorial for the Parade led by the Lone Piper

Chairman Lt-Col Copley-Smith's Opening Address

These and other photos from the event can be seen on our Facebook page.


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7th Infantry Brigade and HQ East (Desert Rats) - Foundation Parade.

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