Some pictures of the displays and vehicles at the open day

The Association Tea Tent The Association Stall Royal British Legion  Stall

Some of the stalls and displays
Fancy a drink? Normandy 75 display Paintball stall
Landrover display 621 Field Squadron RE Display Hill 112 Memorial stall
Monty's Rolls WW2 Small Arms Display Replica Beach Object
Vehicle and weapons display 1st Bn Rifle Brigade Universal Carrier K2 Ambulance
25 Pounder Howitzer. 0.5 and .30 Cal Browning MGs Mr. Christopher Page's 'Living History' Stand
Jeep Display Jeeps and Truck 207 (Jerboa) Squadron REME Light Aid Detachment Vehicles
Various vehicles Part of the Norfolk Military Group Display Replica Rolls Royce Armoured Car

Recovery Crane Our regular musical Entertainment - The Swingtime Sweethearts The Museum



Some pictures of the parade and the service at the memorial



Some of the Standards before the Parade Cadets before the parade.

Bulldog and Marine Cadet Standards

Bulldog and Marine Band

Our guests assembly.
Veterans by the Memorial The Standards arrive Followed by the main parade.
The Parade approaches Lt-Col Copley-Smith on way to inspect the parade.
The parade is inspected by Lt-Col Copley-Smith and the Mayors of Swaffham and Watton Veterans and Guests wait by the memorial.
The Chairman Lt-Col Copley-Smith addresses those gathered Major Mallet - 207 (Jerboa) Signals Squadron speaks to everyone Padre Rev. David Hanwell conducts the service of Remembrance
The Exhortation The Last Post The Standards are lowered
The Dias salutes. The Standards are recovered. A Lone Piper plays the traditional lament of "The Flowers of the Forest".
Wreaths are laid.
The Lone Pipe, continues The Poppies Drop Service over, the Standards depart.

Wreaths by the memorial at the end of the service

These and many other photos from the event can be seen on our Facebook page.


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7th Infantry Brigade and HQ East (Desert Rats) - Foundation Parade.

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