Some pictures of the displays and vehicles at the open day

Some of the displays The Burma Mule Display More displays

Marine Cadets Vintage/Reproduction Cans Radio Truck

Jeep and 5 cwt Truck Jeep and SAS Jeep US Army 6x6 Truck

Vintage Land Rover Display Musical Entertainment

Veterans catching up with each other Re-enactors, from The Queen's Royal Regiment and an 8th Army Infantryman, mingle with the visitors.
Plenty of good food available and a place to sit and chat a while. The Standards getting ready

The star attraction among the displays. A fully working Cromwell Tank as used by the Division in Normandy and all the way to Hamburg and beyond.




Some pictures of the parade and the service at the memorial


(Video Clips available below)

Preparing for the parade and service. The public get ready. The parade starts
The parade led by the Drums of the Marine Cadet Band. The Piper following the Drummers. Royal British Legion Standards.
Royal British Legion Standards pass by. Veterans in the parade. Modern Army Cadets.
The Cromwell and Truck following the parade down to the memorial. The Cromwell and Truck halt Picture time for the Cromwell and Truck

A view of the assembled parade looking towards the memorial. A view of the assembled parade looking towards the memorial. Brigadier Woodham inspects the parade
Inspecting the Cadets. Brigadier Woodham (O/C 7th Armoured Brigade) addresses the parade and crowd. The Deputy Lord-Lieutenant of Norfolk says a few words to all gathered at the memorial
Revd. Ron Wiffen addresses the parade and the crowd A veteran says the The Exhortation. "They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old........." Royal British Legion Standards to one side of the memorial.

The Last Post is sounded and the standards are prepared to be lowered. The standards in the process of being lowered Just at the end of the two minute silence as reveille is about to be sounded
The Auster flies overhead and drops the poppies The standards are recovered.
Revd. Ron Wiffen conducting the service. Our Chairman Mr. Rod Scott addresses the parade while a wreath is laid by Elizabeth Truss, MP. A lone pipe plays the 'Flowers of the Forest"
Lone Piper marching off into the woods. Wreaths by the memorial at the end of the service

Some of the children get a chance to climb on the Cromwell while waiting for the crowd to disperse and find out more about it. A veteran who used to drive Cromwells for nearly three years meets an 'old friend' and talks to the owner. The Cromwell leading the memorial area.



Some Videos from the event

Marching to the Memorial for the Parade Cromwell arrives at the parade
Cromwell moving back from the parade area Cromwell being parked up for the night before returning home the next day


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